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UPN Declaration of War


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UPN declares war on RnR

If you know us then that won't come as a surprise as we have every intention of fighting with our friends. Whatever the reasons are behind the war don't concern us, we are attacking RnR due to their attack on NPO and it's as simple as that. Yes loads of alliances have attacked NPO and yes we could have attacked them too, but we'll just attack the one alliance if that's ok with you and if it's not I'm sure you know what to do...

So RnR. We've never really met, but over the coming weeks I'm sure we'll become far more "acquainted". Same goes to anyone who rides in on RnR's behalf. For our part we'll be civil, friendly and as much as possible honourable, but ultimately we're attacking you so we'll also be violent too.

Also: CDT, Purqua, Poseidon, Watling Street Compact love! :wub:

Signed for by

Altheus- Founder of the UPN

Hansarius- Chancellor

Abdur- Minister of Recruitment

Ancient Iago- Minister of Communications

Becks for Dinner- Minister of Internal Affairs

DonVox- Minister of Finances

Magister Agricolarum- Minister of Defense

Walord Nazrag- Minister of Foreign Affairs

Outburst- Acting Minister of Defense

Moondog- Minister of Justice

Edited by Altheus
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