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An Imperial Announcement from The Legion


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An Imperial Announcement

Several months ago, The Legion began writing a new chapter in our history. It was decided by our members that change was needed and that our government structure required modification. Over the past four months, we have held a Charter Convention to completely change and restructure the Legion government from the bottom up. This new Charter effectively reduces the total number of government positions while bringing new oversight to our leadership. We also gain greater expediency for important decision-making and the ability to quickly produce uniform policies. It is with great please that I announce The Legion Charter, officially ratified by the membership on April 7th, 2009.



The Legion Charter


We, being the members of the Legion, agree to come together in a spirit of co-operation, friendship and togetherness to draft this Charter of our alliance. Through this document we establish our rights, provide for the general welfare of the alliance and its members, assist nations in domestic growth, establish an alliance-wide defence, and together reap the blessings of the strength that flows from our common unity.

Article I: Admission and Membership

One: Admission

A: Admission shall be granted to applying nations by a Verifier, who can be overruled by the Imperator.

B: All potential members must take the Admission Test on the Legion's forums in order to be admitted. The specific requirements beyond this will be clearly set by the Imperator, and can be changed at any time by him/her.

Two: Membership

A: Member nations are encouraged, but not required, to join the Purple Team, as the bulk of The Legion's nations are situated on that colour. This is to help the growth of The Legion and Purple alike.

B: Membership of other alliances is prohibited.

C: Members of The Legion agree to be bound by this Charter and the Code of Ethics. Any member found in violation of the Charter and/or Code of Ethics may be subject to disciplinary action.

D: All Legionnaires are entitled to freedom of speech, within the boundaries set by the Charter and Code of Ethics.

Article II: The Legion Government

One: The Imperator

A: The Imperator serves as the Chief Executive of the Legion. The Imperator controls all aspects of the alliance aside from anything specified within the Charter. Once the Imperator is selected, the Imperator will stay in power until he/she resigns or is removed.

B: The first Imperator will be elected. He/she reserves the right to resign at any time and if the Imperator is resigning, the outgoing Imperator must determine his/her replacement.

C: In the event that the Imperator-elect does not wish to undertake the position, that person has the right to abdicate, in which case an election will take place. In the event that the Imperator is forcibly removed by a Vote of No Confidence, an election to determine their replacement will occur.

D: The Imperator will face a Confirmation Vote every four months. In this vote, the membership will choose whether to keep the Imperator or remove him/her out of office. The Imperator must pass with a majority to remain in office. If the Imperator fails this Confirmation Vote, the Proconsul will assume power as the new Imperator, subject to an immediate Confirmation Vote. If the Proconsul fails this, an election will be held.

E: The Imperator reserves the right to appoint and remove the Proconsul and any Consul at any time.

Two: The Proconsul

A: The Proconsul is appointed by the Imperator, and is the second-in-command. The Proconsul will act as Imperator whenever the Imperator is away. Whilst a Proconsul, he/she has no Executive Power, assists the Imperator, oversees the Consuls and is the Chief Advisor to the Imperator.

B: In the event that the Proconsul resigns, the Imperator must select a replacement.

Three: The Consulate

A: The Consulate consists of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defense and the Minister of Economics. The Consulate control their Ministries under the guidance of the Imperator. The four Consuls have equal power. At the time of this Charter's effect, the current MoIA, MoFA, MoD and MoE will retain their positions.

B: If there is a vacancy within the Consulate, the Imperator must select a replacement. Consulate members must appoint a substitute for their role when they are temporarily absent. For unexpected absences, the other Consuls will appoint a substitute.

C: The Consulate has the power to overturn an Imperial Decision by at least a 3/4 vote. The vote must be set up no longer than 24 hours after the decision is made.

Article III: Inspector General

A: The Inspector General is an Elected Official who serves six month terms. Vacancies in this position are filled by bi-election. A member of the Government may not be the Inspector General at the same time.

B: The Inspector General is the Membership's eye on the Government and reports to them the affairs of the Consulate, Proconsul and of the Imperator.

C: The Inspector General shall have observer status in all venues of Government decision-making, but have no right to participate in proceedings unless their advice is requested. The Inspector General must also not intervene with any Legionnaire-made Votes of No Confidence, disapproved by them.

Article IV: Internal Affairs and War

One: Votes of No Confidence (VoNC)

A: Any Legionnaire may request a VoNC of any Government member, to the Inspector General in confidence. When the request is received, the Inspector General is to measure the validity of the argument posed to them. If the VoNC is deemed worthy, the Inspector General will open up a topic in a designated area for a vote on the matter.

B: A majority vote is needed for a successful Vote of No Confidence upheld by the Inspector General. If the VoNC request is blocked by the Inspector General, any Legionnaire may set up their own vote, marked clearly in the designated area. A Legionnaire made VoNC needs a 2/3 majority to pass.

Two: Treaties

Any Government Member, Ambassador or Envoy may officially propose a treaty with another alliance. Treaty signings and their cancellations occur after a 3/5 majority vote between the Imperator and Consulate.

Three: Legislation and Charter Amendments

A: Any Government Member may propose Legislation. Any Legion member who is not under or awaiting trial, may discuss Legislation and suggest Legislation to the Government.

B: A piece of Legislation must pass a vote by at least a 3/5 majority to pass. Legislation that passes this vote immediately becomes Law. Any Legionnaire not currently under trial, may at any time propose a repeal of any piece of Legislation, excluding the Charter. In order to be repealed, at least a 2/3 majority in a vote in favor of the removal of said Law must occur.

C: Any Government member may propose an amendment to the Charter at any time. In order for the Charter to be Amended, it must receive a 2/3 majority vote.

Four: Votes

All votes, with time limits not previously specified, are to take place over the duration of seventy-two hours with all Legionnaires voting, unless specifically mentioned. All vote fractions or percentages are also based on the number of voters. Members will be informed of upcoming votes.

Five: War

A: According to the principles of Pax Legio, The Legion endorses peace between its members and other nations of the world. All unprovoked attacks against any nation or alliance are strictly prohibited.

B: Should a member nation be the victim of an unprovoked attack, all members pledge to rally their full military and economic prowess in defense of the attacked nation and aiding reconstruction and war efforts to the best of their abilities under guidance from officials.

C: Development of nuclear weapons is encouraged.

D: The Imperator has the ability to declare war, or obtain peace, based on the Legion's current active treaties. Only in the most dire of situations, with the most convicting evidence against another alliance, may the Imperator declare an aggressive war.

E: The Consulate are the deciding body on the definition of a "dire or warranted" situation. A vote can be called by any Consul asking for evidence that warrants war, or an explanation as to why war was called. A 3/4 majority vote will determine whether war is warranted or not.

Article V: Court System

A: The Inspector General, with the help of the Membership functions as the Court of the Legion. Anyone accused of a crime will be temporarily relieved of power until the end of a trial.

B: During a trial, the Inspector General determines punishments as well as moderates over them. The Membership acts as a Jury and decide guilt or innocence only, they do not participate or interfere with proceedings.

C: If the Inspector General is unavailable or under trial, the Imperator will moderate. If both are unavailable, the Proconsul and then the Consulate (if the three formers are unable) will moderate over the trial.

D: Should a member be accused of a crime serious enough to cause an International Incident, up to and including provoking war with another alliance, the Imperator may invoke his reserve powers to expel/punish the member. The expelled or punished member may appeal this decision to the Court, but the expulsion will remain in effect unless the decision is overturned by the Court.

Code of Ethics

Legionnaires are expected to maintain the following code of ethics:

Legionnaires will always follow the orders of higher ranks unless they violate international codes of conduct. Legionnaires will never attack their neighbors unprovoked. Legionnaires will never access the private forums of other alliances without permission or act in malice to the Legion and its allies. Failure to follow these strictures will result in punishment in accordance with the Judicial system.

The Legion Government

Our new government structure adds three new positions of particular importance: the Imperator, the Proconsul and the Inspector General. For the past weeks, The Legion has held elections for the position of Imperator, the Chief Executive of the alliance. The election for the post of Inspector General began yesterday and those results will be available shortly. I am proud to present the government of The Legion:

Imperator: Imperial

Proconsul: Hubb

Minister of Defense: totem

Minister of Economics: The Arbiter

Minister of Foreign Affairs: King William IV

Minister of Internal Affairs: Iron Wolf

Inspector General: TBA

Blood & Bruises

I was elected during a time of war and a time of uncertainty. The Legion holds an MDP with the New Pacific Order; it is a treaty that has gone largely untested since its signing. We also recognize that when The Legion signs a document, we have made a pledge to our allies. We will be honoring "Z'ha'dum's Legacy" mutual defense pact with the New Pacific Order. There may be some who call us puppets or lapdogs, but The Legion gave serious consideration to cancellation before reaching this decision. We have friends on both sides and ultimately this was a difficult path to walk. We have chosen to stand by our allies in their time of need. The Legion hereby declares war upon Ragnarok. Also a RoK representative informed us of the following:

<Gen_Lee[Rok]> we arent keeping it clean

<Gen_Lee[Rok]> all weapons are authorized

To our allies who support Karma, we will not be activating any of the mutual defense clauses within our treaties. This is a decision that The Legion has made on its own and we do not wish to place our own allies in a precarious position. We bear no alliance any ill will and we hope that when the dust settles, we can pursue positive diplomatic relations once again.

Best wishes,

Imperial, Imperator

The Legion

Ave Legio!

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