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What hath Hell wrought that no man should stand and gape at the horrors unleashed lest he be driven to madness; clawing eyes, rending clothes, shrieking insanity? I say to you, it is we. From the screams for mercy, for the laments of those lost, to the cries for respite...where seeks one shelter and splendid silence and succor for the soul from these? I say unto you, no such place shall be found. Touched by the hand of wrath, drawn close to the bossom of vengence and having lain on the plank of nails called anger for so long, =LOST= summons its duty, its strength, its bloodlust and its malice and declares war on GGA.

We bring to you the tortured souls of past transgressions mounted on steeds of burning fury. We will deliver you into the dark, fetid tombs of your complacense. Ye shall know only the warmth of sackcloth and shall feast on but ashes and salt henceforth. You're end is nigh. Hearlded by booming drum, screaming trumpet, wailing woman and crying child. Meet your end tall, for from memory, from history, from existence, you will be erased. Consumed by fire and trapped in the grey world of eternal unrest.

You will know fear.

You will know pain.

And then, you will know death.

You will know =LOST=.

Wargarden: Emperor of =LOST=

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And their rivers shall run red with blood as the screams of children are punctuated by explosions and terror. Their cities shall burn and the sky shall go dark.

=LOST= is upon you, a shadow which does not fear the day.

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