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Announcement from Dark Fist

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The Dark Fist would like to announce that we have reached a milestone of 1.5mill total strength and 28k average NS.


We are also declaring war on NATO to support our allies, the International Protection Agency and The International.


Daikos, Diarch

Starcraftmazter, Diarch

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Don't count on it :P

One thing I forgot to mention in my haste, is that we do indeed wish NATO the best of luck, and we wage our war in good spirits.

This of course is reciprocated.

Good luck Dark Fist.

I got my eye on you starcraftmazter... :P

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You are entering a major war and half of your nations are in peace mode? :huh:

Except unlike most of the alliances on the other side, our peace mode nations are lower ranks, who are likely to make little difference in the outcome of the war.

All of our top nations are in war mode. All of our nuclear nations will be fighting this war. :ph34r:

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