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An Announcement From The Dark Evolution

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An Edict From The Dark Evolution

Recognition of Hostilities and Declaration of War

There comes a time in every alliance's existence where it must stand up, support its allies, and fight for what it believes is right. The Dark Evolution has come to this crossroads. We believe the actions of the New Pacific Order and their allies Q and 1V have been unwarranted and inexcusable and we pledge our full support for Karma. Therefore The Dark Evolution activates our MDoAP with Greenland Republic and acknowledges a state of war with Echelon and Old Guard.


The evolutionists shall march to victory! o/ Karma


Corey Faith, DE Minister of Information and Karma Enthusiast

And The Dark Evolution Government.

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Blow, bugles, blow! They brought us, for our dearth,

Holiness, lacked so long, and Love, and Pain,

Honour has come back, as a king, to earth,

And paid his subjects with a royal wage;

And Nobleness walks in our ways again;

And we have come into our heritage.

o/ Karma

o/ DE

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