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A little bit of love through creeds

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Hello to all of our fellow inhabitants of Bob. I am pleased to announce the very first treaty that I get to announce! Bushido and The Grand Lodge of Freemasons are proud to present this MDP symbolizing our friendship.


The Masonic Code – The Bushido Code

Two Great Codes That Taste Great Together!

As the Cyberverse struggles with its own brand of globalization, let it be known that these two alliances, separated by time and space, are coming together under the realization that the codes to which each member nation swears to are so strikingly similar that this agreement is not only welcomed, but anticipated.

“Liberty through principle;” “veracity;” “benevolence;”…. a common theme between the codes of the Grand Lodge of Freemasons and Bushido portray a sense of honor, honesty and loyalty that member nations display proudly upon their breastplates. As a display of this shared virtue, it is with respect and admiration that these two alliances present this pact of Mutual Defense and Economic Assistance.


As sovereign entities, Bushido and the Grand Lodge of Freemasons shall govern themselves as individuals, committed to the development and prosperity of their member nations. As partners in economic, foreign and military relations, these two entities sign this pact clearly devoted to symbiotic development as described below:

Part The First

Bushido and the Grand Lodge of Freemasons put forth a solemn promise to one another declaring that no hostilities shall form between the parties, be it espionage, economic harm, or outright military aggression.

Part The Second

As partners in safety and security, Bushido and the Grand Lodge of Freemasons will, upon discovery, promptly share any intelligence or news that would benefit or harm either party.

Part The Third

To further the idea of mutual security, it is hereby assured that should either Bushido or the Grand Lodge of Freemasons come under attack, the obligation of defense will be enacted with all available forces. If the alliance that was attacked wishes it so, they may release this obligation and allow their partner alliance to remain out of the conflict. It is also understood by both alliances that should either signatory enter a conflict due to an independent treaty with a 3rd party, any action taken by the 2nd signatory of this treaty relative to that conflict is purely optional.

Part The Fourth

Upon any crisis of economic proportion, Bushido and the Grand Lodge of Freemasons are obligated to offer any assistance deemed appropriate by the leadership of the party that would provide financial aid. The affected party may request that this aid not be offered, and have the privilege to decline the offer(s).

Part The Fifth

In the interest of peace, which is to be understood as preferred to conflict, it is promised by Bushido and the Grand Lodge of Freemasons to pursue all avenues of cordial diplomacy before aggression is chosen as the proper avenue of resolution. This arrangement also stands if matters arise between the two parties.

Part The Sixth

If the day comes that this pact should be dissolved, a minimum of seventy-two (72) hours notice must be given by either party as a matter of course.


For the Grand Lodge of Freemasons

Lord Xnut

Grand Master


Grand Chancellor


Grand Superintendent

Lord Trenchard

Grand Knight


Grand Treasurer

For Bushido



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Mmm, MDP-licious!

All icing on the cake anyhow; we'd have been happy to help out our Bushido friends without signing a document, and I'm sure the feeling is mutual.

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I am glad to see my fellow Samurai join my brethren in treatied goodness!!! Bushido is still near and dear to my heart, and I am glad to have them on my side once again!! And to echo Penedono up above, it doesn't take flowery words to make mutual assistance possible.

Though the flowery words are pretty!!! :awesome::D :lol:

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