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Ilya Murometz

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Welcome to Spacetopia News, the network for people who'd rather be on update then study for the finals :P Today's topic is the war. There has been great speculation, whether Q and 1V will back up NPO. I have two theories and they both say yes!

Theory #1: The Ruse: The cancellation thread was all a clever ploy by alliances, and while everyone attacks NPO, they will be able to take other alliances out. Too clever? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Theory #2: Oh Crap: This theory states that the alliances like infra more then spine, but will want to keep one of the above. It's not secret, and heck the Karma coalition made no secret of it, that said alliances will be rolled one by one. Figuring out that infra is going to be lost anyways, that's what happens when you have one B/S CB too many; (Tattler logs, come on!) The alliances decided to keep their spine and attack.

Either way, expect attack at update.

In other news, Spacetopia would like to honor Mogar, for being the first IRC reporter. Perhaps a JPIAT (Journalistic PIAT) is in order.

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