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A Brief Announcement

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This day has been a long time coming.

Long ago, the peoples of The Brigade and the Viridian Entente lived and died under the same banner. But these bonds were broken by forces beyond our power to control. As time went on, old friendships started to fade, and were replaced by petty bickering. The wounds inflicted then took the better part of a year of work to heal, but we stand here today to announce to the world that the hatchet is buried, and that we stand together as friends once more.

*Adrian's mother approves of this relationship* Treaty

Preamble: The Viridian Entente and The Brigade do hereby announce to the world that they will no longer quibble over the past or the events that strained relations before and after the reformation. Today these two alliances stand side by side as allies in the hopes to strengthen the bonds of old friendships.

I. Peace:

Both signatories agree to neither attack each other nor spy on each other.

II. Intelligence:

The signatories agree to share any intelligence critical to each others security with one another.

III. Aid:

The signatories agree to provide financial aid to each other if a request is made, within reason.

IV. Defense:

The signatories may request assistance in a defensive war, but neither party is obligated to fulfill said request.

V. Cancellation:

This treaty may be canceled 72 hours after private notification of the reasons behind the cancellation. This treaty cannot be declared null and void without the fulfillment of this clause.

VI. Bonus Material:

Each member of each alliance must share the bong and the booze with each other and clean up any messes, except Rudeboy's. Each alliance member will remember to stock the liquor cabinet and the beer fridge when either gets low.

VII. Invoking the name of Lord Egore:

No member of either alliance may invoke the name of Egore without mentioning booze, hash brownies, and dishwashers.


Patriarchs of The Brigade

Brigadier General (MoW): Xander Don

Chief Commisioner (MoIA): FoAmY99

Grand Emissary (MoFA): Segovia



Judicial Council

Captain Oblivious

JB dinglenutz

Adrian LaCroix

The Viridian Entente:

God of Salt, Secretary of Interior Decorating

Impero, Tyrant

Son Of Howard, Wait, I'm VE Gov?

Cornelius, Delicious Fiber

Solaris, I'm the only sane one.


Kyber, Shadow Gov Member

Sooner, I'd better have a killer sig line....

o/ The Brigade

o/ Viridian Entente

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