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Declaration From the Galactic Republic

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Declaration From the Galactic Republic

Every alliance in the Cyberverse goes through times of trial. It is how they react to it that shows whether or not they have what it takes to cross the threshold from simply good to great.

In the past week, the Republic has faced adversity from both within and without. However, those that remain are true members, and I have no doubt that they would go to the wall for us, and I for them.

As a result of our recent challenges, we've been forced to adjust our government to reflect the new reality of the Republic. I present you the current General Ministry of the Galactic Republic.

Supreme Chancellor: Cheyenne

Vice Chair: Jaym

Senate Prefect: Princess Ro

High Envoy: The Flying Scotsman

Grand Jedi Master: Jaym

Grand Admiral: Burger

Chairman of the Intergalactic Banking Clan: Savethecheerleader

This government sees a new face ascend into the upper government, an old friend returning to leadership, and the biggest loser ever whine and !@#$%* his way into the office of the Vice Chair. )): Jaym )):


On a side note, the Galactic Republic wishes to inform the Cyberverse of its neutrality in the current conflict. We do not believe in band wagonning for political purposes, and will remain on the sidelines unless called in by the Ordinance of the Force.

Signed for the Galactic Republic:


Rorschach of New Frontier

Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic

Rear Admiral of the Fleet

President of the Cheyenne Fan Club

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Hail the Republic!

Hope to see Dementual come back soon from his RL issues. Nice to see Internal Affairs people moving their way up in the world :D I look forward to working with The Flying Scotsman.

With this new government we know you're stronger than ever, and the Republic will always have the full support of NSO - until the inevitable war between us, of course :)

Cheyenne you're still a sexy beast :wub:


|-o-| Ordinance of the Force

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