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New England annexes Maine


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Following the success of Operation Augusta, that saw the take over of the neighboring New France, which had fallen to lawlessness and anarchy, the government in Boston has now decided upon a course of action. Midst secret discussions among President Kennedy, his cabinet, military generals, and various officials, it was agreed upon that the region would thus be officially annexed into the Republic of New England.



The decision having been made, President Kennedy signed a document into law. The document, titled the Resolution Regarding the Official Status of the Region of Maine, effectively established Maine as the seventh State in the Republic of New England. The new State government shall operate in Portland, the largest city in Maine. It shall convene in the New City Hall.


The New City Hall in Portland, Maine

Almost immediately, several changes were made as the region was further incorporated into the Republic of New England. Army soldiers, once a common sight in the streets of Portland, Augusta, and others following the operation, were steadily phased out and replaced by New England policemen and officials. New England laws and decrees officially took effect in the newest state as its inhabitants were accorded citizenship with full responsibilities and duties. Moreover, the government began taking over various military bases and installations throughout the State of Maine; work at the new northern border continued as usual.

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