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Vaule holds Constitutional Convention and reconciliation

Imperator Azenquor

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Vaule holds Constitutional Convention and reconciliation

The government of the VSR has now gained full control over all of the provinces of the now defunct United Democratic Republic of Vaule. Accordingly, the VSR government has re-located to Sygh-Varthys. The riot police in the capital have cordoned off the Imperial Palace to prevent further looting.


-Vaule Parliament

In all other provinces outside of the Capital Territory, the government has organized Constitutional Convention meetings to discuss the future shape of the nation’s new Constitution. There are more than 60,000 meetings being held across Vaule, moderated by government officials. Citizens are encouraged to attend the meetings, or telephone, fax, or e-mail in their suggestions on a new Constitution. The Government has asked citizens to make their voices heard at these forums and has sought to reassure people that the forums are open to all regardless of their social or economic standing.

The meetings are expected to continue for up to a month as the government begins drafting a new Constitution to be approved by referendum once the process is completed.

In other news, President Rokossovsky has tendered his resignation as President of the Vaule Socialist Republic. The President will hand over power to an interim government until an election can be held across the now united Vaule. Before resigning, President Rokossovsky issued 31,250 automatic pardons, a record in Vaule’s history. The President issued pardons to every VDR Police officer, Imperial Guard non-command units, politicians and members of the Imperial staff.


-Ex-President Rokossovsky

“I feel that it would not be best for the stability of the nation to resort to dragging thousands of people who merely followed orders before the courts. As such I have taken the step of pardoning all such persons and granting them partial immunity from charges. We will still launch an investigation into the actions of the VDR government, as well as the actions of the Prime Minister and the Princess. We fully intend to have an impartial tribunal investigate all such actions by both governments (VDR and VSR)."-Rokossovsky

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We commend Rokossovsky for his leniency when it comes to those who were merely following orders.

Canada can only agree with that. We have nothing to add to Promised Land's statement, other than we wish Rokossovsky and Vaule great luck in rebuilding and reorganising.

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