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Another annoucement From GDA

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An Announcement from the desk of the president of GDA

As all of you have seen, last night, GDA canceled our treaties with NPO. At the time we thought we were being rejected as allies, due to the lack of information coming from NPO. Today we found out that that was not the case at all. Our Minister of Defense, Leq, who had been placed in charge of coordinating our efforts, and from whom our information regarding NPO was coming from had been lying to us. He intentionally withheld vital information regarding alliances' affairs, which had drawn us to our earlier conclusion. We don't know the reasoning for his actions yet, they will be found out. From what we understand, it may have been the beginning of a possible power grab.

Leq has been removed from power, and our alliance is currently discussing punishments, and they will be announced at a later date. While I apologized in private to NPO, it bears repeating again. We at GDA are sorry, for canceling treaties on what we now know to be the machinations of a rogue member. We hope that those involved will find a way to forgive us.

To that extent, all GDA-NPO treaties are hereby considered active. This includes the Ring Cycle, the New Kids On The Block Pact, and the The Not so New Kids on the Block Pact. The appropriate people have been informed.

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So in essence...you realized that the others weren't !@#$%ing out and thus you couldn't get away with it...So you came back to try and pretend you have balls.

Sorry not buying it. You've already proven to us you lack any sort of individual thought or the balls to do anything that the pack isn't.

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