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Old Guard/No treaties.


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MI, IDIOT and NAAC have all decided to come back to the table for round 5. So what does this mean? It means no more "fair play" sign-ups, no more 20+ treaties and a lot more unexpected well planned wars. These alliances have a history of making the game. With MI's trolling, NAAC's no-treaty policy..and IDIOT's..IDIOTic ways, we're a shoe in for a great round.

Fark has held their position as number one pretty well and MHA even took the spot as the top dog, but with these three alliances coming back, I see no one staying top dog for long. There will be a constant race, rivalry and maybe even a few stabs in the back. Grudges may be carried over although I wouldn't want to see that happen.

NAAC + IDIOT/MI are rivals. MI is coming back..so where is judgment? Genius [started by NAAC] once took control, will they do it again? Will Fark + MHA still fight for the top? Will new alliances call war against the old?

There's one thing we can count on TE, there will never be a dull moment. Welcome back old guard, don't disappoint me. Show these nubs how to play the game.

Well when I saw all three of these alliances come back, the first thing I thought of was: war.

All 3 have a past of fighting each other so we'll be seeing them gear up for war not far into the game.

Not only that, NAAC hates seeing someone stay #1 for long and MI has a way of being tricky.

If you think for even a second that your alliance is safe next round, you're dumb.

Rises to power, backstabbing, trolling, downfalls, nukes, ashes...it's all to be expected.

Hopefully more people will follow the original creators of the no-treaty policy in TE. In fact, I wish we could make it a rule that no one can have treaties for the whole round. Do you have any idea what would happen then? Chaos and backstabbing. All your allies soon become your enemies because there's no e-paper.

You fight everyone and everything to get to #1. There's no sides. Everyone eventually gets the chance to attack everyone. A constant state of war where everyone will shed blood and lose pixels. I don't know a better way to play this game. If you want a treaty, place CN:s.

I thought I'd share..I enjoyed reading them. [plus I have to agree, next round will be exciting]

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