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Viceroy of NPO


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And from what I can take from the interpretation of those rules, the only thing not allowed is forcing someone as a root admin onto your offsite forum. You are still allowed to have an alliance join a new offsite forum that you're a root admin on.

So in effect, there still could be a viceroy.

Also Mogar.



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viceroys are allowed as long as they are not required to have admin access, iirc.

also viceroys r bad mkay. ask GATO about it.

just make them a large tech farm for a couple of months and either sentece peace moders to ZI or force them to give up most of their tech.


Chris_Kaos perhaps? Or Walford.

CK was an idiot, but assuming there's going to be a viceroy, then Wally, hell yeah!

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