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A Special Announcement


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A Declaration of Existence, Support and War


Today, I announce to you, Deltacon. Recent events have come forth;

therefore I have decided to create Deltacon. I’m back in action.

Presenting our Charter:


Through the strength of many, we shall become one. For the common good of all

people, we hereby establish Deltacon. We hereby declare the Foundation of Deltacon

Article I: Membership Applications

Section 1: Requirements

A. Nations should not be on any type of ZI lists.

B. Nations will apply at Deltacon’s offsite forums in the

designated place.

C. Nations should not be involved with any wars.

D. Nations who are at war or are aiding enemies of Deltacon will be denied.

E. Nations, if under a certain Nation Strength may be required to attend the Academy.

Section 2: The Application Process

A. The applicant shall post on the designated forum, following the format outlined in the forum.

B. Applications will be looked over by an upper government member within 48 Hours.

C. Applicants shall read the Charter and they should be wearing the Alliance Affiliation of ‘Deltacon Applicant’.

D. If a Government Member asks a question to the applicant, the applicant must answer to the best of their ability.

Article II: The Membership Body

Section 1: Definitions

A. A member is defined as any person who has gone through the

application process, applying at our offsite forums, and has been accepted as a


B. A Founding Member is defined as a member, who went through

the application process and joined within 72 hours of the formation of Deltacon.

Section 2: Powers

A. Members have the right to free speech, and to voice their


B. Members have the right to empower a number of candidates to

make up part of a Relationship Committee between the Upper Government and the

Members to better allow the alliance to run smoothly.

Section 3: Resignations

A. Members who wish to resign from their membership in Deltacon

are free to do so at anytime, however they must first check with the Minister

of Economics or the Emperor and pay back aid to designated nations.

B. Members who leave during a State of War, to fight among the

Enemies of Deltacon, shall never be allowed to return to Deltacon.

C. Members that leave during a State of Peace, and have left

on good terms, may be allowed to return to Deltacon with the permission of the


Section 4: Removal

A. If a Member of The Order is found to be breaking the

Membership Bi-laws or Breaking this Charter. Then the Emperor may revoke the

Membership Privileges from the said Member. Forcing the Member to remove the

Alliance Affiliation.

B. A removed member will not be allowed to return to Deltacon,

without the Approval from the Emperor and Regent.

Article III: Government

Section 1: Structure

The Government of Deltacon shall be composed of the following government

A. Emperor – The Emperor of Deltacon shall be the

leader of Deltacon and they retain the ability to make decisions for the

day-to-day running of Deltacon and to create offices to help the Alliance run

smoothly. The Emperor has the ability to declare war with another alliance and

approve/veto all proposed treaties.

B. Ministers – The Ministers are the head of the

Departments that they are assigned to, and they may appoint two deputies to

help them complete their tasks. They do not have the power to control another

Ministry and they do not

C. Deputies – There are two Deputies per ministry.

There cannot be more than 2 Deputies. Deputies are able to follow any commands

that The Minister of their Department orders.

Section 2: Resignations and Removing a Government Member

A. Government Members are free to resign from their positions

at any time, they will be removed from the Office and a replacement shall be


B. If a Government Member resigns, and wishes to resign from

the Alliance immediately, they must have the consent of the Emperor.

C. If a Government Member is inactive for a period of time,

and the Regent and Emperor choose too, they may remove a Minister or Deputy

from the position, and they shall return to the membership body, losing their

title of Deltacon Government. The Decision must be unanimous between the Regent

and Emperor. The Emperor may also remove a Government Member from their post

without inactivity as a cause.

D. In the Event of that a Government Member is removed from

their post, they shall not be eligible for that same office, for a period of no

less than 15 days or no more than 45 days, to retain that same title. The exact

number of days must be set by the Emperor, within 5 days of removal from


Article IV: Amendments

Section 1: Process

A. Amendments may be added to the Charter of Deltacon at

anytime. All Members of the Alliance Posses the right to suggest an amendment.

B. The Member, who is suggesting an amendment, may meet with a

member of the Government, who should in turn work with the member in order to

refine and word the said amendment to fit the Charter. When the amendment is

properly written, it may be placed on the forums for a vote.

C. The amendment must pass with 51% of the General Membership

Body’s approval, and the Emperor’s sign off. The Emperor reserves the right to

reject any amendments to the Charter.

D. The Emperor may during a State of War, suspend any articles

of the Charter with the Regent’s, the Minister of War and Defense’s approval.

Article V: Policies

Section 1: General Polices

A. Deltacon does not believe in Eternal-ZI or Permanent -ZI


B. Nations who are under Deltacon Alliance Affiliations and

they are not new applicants or Members, they will be given 24 hours to remove

the Alliance Affiliation, or to apply for membership before action will be


C. Deltacon shall always complete its word with honor and


D. Deltacon will not stand for injustice within the alliance,

if a member has a concern, Deltacon shall always listen and determine what the

course of action will be.

Section 2: War Policies

A. Deltacon will develop Nuclear Weapons for the defense and

Safety of the Members. Members will be expelled from Deltacon if they use

first-strike Nuclear Weapons without orders from the Emperor.

B. If a Deltacon member is attacked, Reparations shall be

determined and there shall be a minimum of 3 million and 100 tech paid out with

no maximum on how high Reparations will be set. Reparations shall be determined

by the Emperor and Minister of War.


King601 of Kaptoye. Emperor of Deltacon.

Come see us on IRC at #deltacon. Forums are still undergoing

some final adjustments before I release them :D… an announcement pertaining to

that will come later :D

A Declaration of Support


Deltacon hereby announces the full support of Deltacon to The New Pacific Order. Anything they

request shall be granted.


King601 of Kaptoye, Deltacon Emperor

A Declaration of War


Deltacon hereby declares war on Amazon Nation.

My reasons for this

war is that RoK, their protectors have attacked a great group of people (NPO) and I shall

defend them to the best of my abilities.

Tonight I march to battle. Onwards to Victory!


King601 of Kaptoye, Deltacon Emperor.

Note: Update blitz are ftl... so after rocks..

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You are a plain fool. If you expect people to respect you for attacking the protectorate of an engaged alliance, you are sorely mistaken. First, you have no CB to support NPO. Otherwise, I wouldn't care if you actually declared on RoK or the other alliances actually attacking NPO.

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Is this considered bandwagoning? So watch out for MHA... and you attacked a signatory of NOIR which opens up about 36mil NS worth of people on you if they so much as feel like it... and NOIR is a pretty tight group, believe it or not.

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Is this considered bandwagoning? So watch out for MHA... and you attacked a signatory of NOIR which opens up about 36mil NS worth of people on you if they so much as feel like it... and NOIR is a pretty tight group, believe it or not.

I don't think it can be.. I'm declaring on allies of those who are attacking NPO. and as I last checked.. Deltacon's the first alliance to do that,,,

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I don't think it can be.. I'm declaring on allies of those who are attacking NPO. and as I last checked.. Deltacon's the first alliance to do that,,,

You are jumping into a fight with no CB. A CB is a reason, a legitimate excuse or reason to declare war. You have no ties to NPO or anyone else. You have no real reason. Therefore, its BANDWAGONING. Enjoy your ZI.

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This isn't a joke. and I'm working on recruiting :) Just want to get a head start on things :D

Well good luck to you then sir. Although I will point out that many alliances do not recognize yours, and that many may also attack you as a raid, without a CB.

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