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Communique from the Global United Nations

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In accordance with our Jaded Gunz Pact (later carried over to OV during the merger), the Global United Nations hereby recognizes a state of war with the New Pacific Order.


OrangeBlood - GUN Security Council

Zenergy - GUN Security Council

Chocolate Cookies - GUN Security Council

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I hope MHA rolls you.
Well... Everything has got $%&@ed up today.

Oh this is just rich... Have fun GUN.

Not entirely sure if you people are trying to be making fun of GUN here for entering the war, but, as a person who actually wrote the treaty, along with my Jade counterpart - it's an ODP! And considering that back then GUN didn't sign MDPs, (due to that pesky thing called BLEU peace terms and recovery from said terms) and ODP was what GUN and JADE got. We would have signed an MDP right there and then, had certain circumstances been different. So while there may be no love lost between NPO and GUN, most likely due to the Colonel Cooper Affair, where Colonel Cooper played the role of Seth, this declaration is actually legit and not bandwagoning. Ask anyone who worked in OV FA if you don't believe me. And Jade merged to become Ordo Verde. Just a bit of background, to those thinking that GUN's bandwagoning here.

And yup - the Jaded Gunz Pact - the name - was my creation. :P

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I hope MHA rolls you.

Were you not the one who was in Sparta 3 days ago before getting expelled for spying?

Now I see you clearly had only the intent of gathering information from us. You are clearly no better than whatever you're fighting. Considering you were a advocating harsh peace terms earlier for NPO, I'm now baffled by the your extent of hypocrisy. People aren't going to like you any better because you feign interest in true honor. Here is yet another example of your idiocy. You want others to honor their treaties with NPO, which they should, yet you are complaining when someone else honors their own treaty with OV.

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