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Federal Republic of Grøenlandia


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Last month the Norden Kingdom's government held a special elections to decide the future of our nation. After weeks of intense debates and discussions over the television, radio, and internet, polling stations were set up across the country with the following ballot:

Which form of government do you believe is the best choice to guide our nation?

A. Current government - Monarchy

B. Republic

C. Totalitarian Regime

D. Fascist State

E. Complete Anarchy

F. Other, Please write in:

We officially present the results that were tallied last month:

A. 32%

B. 45%

C. 4%

D. 16%

E. 2%

F. 1%

The people spoke and they have spoken clearly today. Let this show the world that to be "Nordic" doesn't mean you are evil or oppressive, that it's simply a similar cultural heritage we all share. We are glad to add to the growing freedom in the world, and as such, we abolish the old Norden Kingdom and hereby establish the Federal Republic of Grøenlandia.


Constitution of the Federal Republic of Grøenlandia

Under the guidance of Him, our one and only God, we hereby declare the existence of a glorious Republic harbored on this planet. We, the people of the Federal Republic of Grøenlandia, agree to form an unbreakable bond for guidance and direction of the great Nation in order to promote and secure the rights and liberties of Man.

I. Sovereignty 
The Federal Republic of Grøenlandia is a sovereign nation including land holdings, territories, citizens, water, airspace and all applicable. No nation shall attempt to breach the sovereignty.

II. Government Structure
The Federal Government shall be divided into Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches to ensure the government does not stray from its intended purpose.

A. Legislative
The legislative branch shall be composed of the Senatis, composed to senators elected to represent the masses. 

1. Senatis
There shall be 700 senators, allotted amongst the administrative division proportionally to the population. Each senator serves a term of seven years, and may not be re elected more than four times. In order to be qualified to run for the Senatis, one must be at least 25 years of age and have been a citizen of Grøenlandia for over 15 years.

B. Executive
The executive branch shall be composed of the Forseti, his cabinet, and whatever auxiliary organs he deems appropriate.

1. Forseti
The Forseti of the Federal Republic of Grøenlandia is tasked with the responsibility of sustaining and preserving the Republic against all threats, foreign and domestic, and upholding the Constitution. To run for Forseti, one must be 50 years of age and have been a Grøenlandia citizen for over 25 years. Each term lasts 5 years and the Forseti may The Forseti is required to support staff the following cabinet positions:
	a. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
	b. Ministry of Education
	c. Ministry of the Treasury
	d. Ministry of Justice
	e. Ministry of Propaganda
	f. Ministry of Industry and Energy
	g. Ministry of Security/War

C. Judicial
The Judicial branch shall be headed by the High Grøenlandia Court whose purpose is to interpret the law and Constitution.

1. High Grøenlandia Court
The court is composed of 10 Justices and 1 Supreme Justice, who must be at least 50 years old and serve 30 year appointments. 

2. Lower Courts
	a. Federal Courts – One federal court will be located in each administrative region
b. Federal Appeals Courts – One federal appeals court will be located in each administrative region

III. Laws by the Governing

A. Bills

The Senatis may propose and submit bills to the Forseti if said bill has the support of 55% of the Senatis. The bill is sent to the Forseti who can make it law or veto it. Overriding a veto requires 75% of the Senatis approval. Finally, the bill must be deemed constitutional by the High Grøenlandia Court or else be rewritten or thrown out.
a. Bill involving taxation of the people requires a 66% approval and must have 85% to override a veto.

B. Appointments
a. Cabinet – The Forseti chooses Ministers for the head of each ministry and each minister must have the approval of at least 55% of the Senatis.
b. Judicial – All Federal judges are appointed by the head of the Ministry of Justice and require the approval of the Forseti and 66% of the Senatis.
c. Ambassadors – All ambassadors are chosen by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ratified by the Forseti.

C. Election
a. Election day is held on April 12th every 5 years and the new appointments officially take office on May 12th. 
b. The Forseti may not spend more than =T=2,000,000 and Senators may not spend more than =T=500,000 on their campaigns for election. (This article to be adjusted for inflation every five years)
c. The population votes for Senators and Forseti, however only the Senators vote's actually count for the election of the Forseti.

IV. Armed Forces
The Federal Republic of Grøenlandia will maintain a standing army headed by the Ministry of Security during times of peace and the Ministry of War during times of war.

1. The Forseti is the supreme commander-in-chief of armed forces
2. Declarations of war must be ratified by 75% of the Senatis and the Forseti
3. Senatis can declare a “time of war” with a 75% approval
a. The Forseti gains additional powers including the ability to limit some rights as specified in Article VI
b. A “time of war” lasts 6 months before the Senatis must vote to continue with a 75% majority or else it stops.
4. All men must serve 7 years and all women must serve 3 years in the military or reserve forces.
5. Men from the ages of 20-45 and women from ages of 20-33 are eligible for the draft during times of war.

V. Crimes and Justice

1. Capital Punishment is a legal form of punishment in the Federal Republic of Grøenlandia. All prisoners convicted with the death penalty have the right to a hearing with a Judge, a hearing with a Jury, and two appeals before  swift and humane execution.
	a. Organs, if in healthy condition, must be donated.
2. The only crimes capable of receiving the death penalty are high treason, war crimes, crimes against humanity, first-degree premeditated murder and $%&@.

VI. Rights of Man
All citizens of the Federal Republic of Grøenlandia and foreigners legally in this nation have specific inalienable freedoms and rights that can never be infringed upon.

A. Citizenship
A citizen is guaranteed rights, privileges, and responsibilities as illustrated by the Constitution and government

1. Anyone born in Grøenlandia, its territories, or its foreign bases is automatically granted Grøenlandia citizenship.
2. Anyone with two parents, both who have Grøenlandia citizenship, can request to be a Grøenlandia citizen if desired.
3. Anyone who has lived in Grøenlandia for over five years and passes a Citizenship exam and is knowledgeable in one of the official languages can request citizenship to the Federal Republic of Grøenlandia.

B. Freedoms 
	a. Freedom of Speech 
	b. Freedom of Assembly
	c. Freedom of the Press (can be revoked during war times of war by the Forseti)
d. Freedom of Discrimination – Can not be discriminated against due to any physical or mental characteristic including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, gender, disabilities (both mental and physical), and sexual orientation
e. Freedom of Religion – May practice any faith peacefully as long as the organized religion does not pose a threat to the state or bear ill intentions. 
f. Freedom of Marriage – Everyone can get married
g. Freedom of Privacy – No one is legally allowed inside your place of residence without your permission. Federal agents or police must obtain a warrant issued by a judge to search your house. Other applications such as phonetapping can be issued with the permission of a judge.

C. Rights
	a. Right to Bear Arms
b. Right to Habeas Corpus - You must know what you are being charged for if you are arrested within 48 hours or the arrest is illegal (can be suspended during times of war).
c. Right to a trial with jury – You have the right to have your case presented to an impartial group of peers.
d. Right to remain silent – You can refuse to say anything if arrested however it can be used against you.
e. Right to property – Your property cannot be confiscated without due compensation
f. Right to life
g. Right to liberty – Slavery is forbidden
h. Right to education – Compulsory education is provided free of charge 
i. Right to vote – Everyone over the age of 20 can vote (convicted felons are disenfranchised). Does not apply to those without Grøenlandia citizenship.

D. Other
Provinces have the right to enforce any law or legislation not specifically delegated to the federal government in this Constitution or legislation.

VII. Amendments
Amendments can be made to this constitution with a 75% Senatis approval, 55% citizen approval, 75% of Provincial government approval and approval by the Forseti in order to be official. Amendments can be applied to any part of this Constitution; however the original wording of Article VI may not be altered or deleted.

We are currently holding elections over the next 4 days for positions of Senators and the Forseti. Since this is a special election, 100 of the elected senators will serve 1 year, 100 2 years, ... and 100 for 7 years in order to ensure 100 spots are open for reelection each year after this.

Candidates for Forseti:

Ty Eyvindsson - People's Republican Party (PRP) - Former King of Norden Kingdom. Will continue virtually same policies as before, well liked by the masses, favored to win and promises to bring the Republic to new levels of prosperity.

Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir - Worker's Socialist Party (WSP) - Vows to turn the new Republic into a socialist state. Would like to tear down the current economic system of capitalism and replace it with nationalization of all corporation and companies.

Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson - Fascist Party of Groenlandia (FPG) - Also dislikes the new Republic, believes it has too many individual rights and freedom. Would like to give the government complete control and take out all individual rights.

Baldur Ágústsson - Independent Party for a Better Groenlandia (IPBG) - Believes Groenlandia should go isolationist and revert to its old traditions of fishing, raiding, and pillaging. Against technology and electricity. Quoted as calling the Internet a "series of tubes" which were "destroying the Earth."

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