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Joint Announcement


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The German Empire and Vox Populi are proud to announce that we have reached a mutual agreement for the cessation of hostilities between our alliances. It is our belief that this war is neither necessary nor prudent and hereby declare it to be at an end.


For The German Empire,

His Imperial Majesty, Frederick II

The Imperial Channcellor, Valdemar

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rommelgrad

For Vox Populi,

Doitzel, Vox Dei

Chunky Monkey, Senator

Schattenmann, Senator

MegaAros, Senator

Reverend Doctor Electron Sponge, Archbishop of Vox Populi, Senator and Minister of Science of Vox Populi, Imperator Emeritus of the New Polar Order, Admiral of the Greenland Republic Iceberg Armada and Viceroy of the Orange Defense Network, also hello

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