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Time to add some WTF to an already WTF night, guys.

KM's hereby a free man. GOD's done with him. He's free to go and do as he pleases, we won't be going after each other, and just so it's official:

Article 1 - Non-Aggression

Both GOD and Kaiser Martens agree to maintain a respectful demeanor towards the other. This includes refraining from trolling and flaming, as well as in-game non-aggression.

Article 2 - Caek

Xiphosis and Kaiser Martens agree to share caek and not interfere with the caekmaking processes of each other.

Article 3 - War

Should Kaiser Martens be involved in an alliance war where his alliance membership demand a military atttack on GOD, he shall not be barred from fighting. Nevertheless, he will still not troll or flame GOD. The same goes for GOD.

Article 4 - Eternity

This treaty shall be in effect for eternity. Not like OoO eternity, but real eternity. Thus, no cancellations.


Xiphosis, Dark Lord of GOD

Kaiser Martens von Deutschland

There you have it. Enjoy your night, I know I am.

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