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Well, as DiCE RoLLers, constantly taking risks, chances and pushing on recklessly and spontaneously and acting before thinking, we would like to announce that we are Casting our Lots into the Fray!

We just didn't want to be left out of this spontaneous and spectacularly violent rebellion against the accursed New Pacific Order. It is time for the revolution to begin on Planet Bob and we simply must be a part of it! We just cannot resist the urge of placing our DiCE shaped mark upon Cyberverse history!

So, using the section of our MDoAP with Athens, the Deck of the International Card Experts hereby declares war on the New Pacific Order.


MoK, Ace of Spades

capitalC, Ace of Clubs

FeZ, Ace of Hearts

headpenguin, Ace of Diamonds

May admin have mercy on your souls.

Edited by capitalC
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