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There comes a time when an alliance needs to stand up for what it believes in. Today we will stand side by side with Ragnarok through our Superfriends treaty.

And also on behalf of Karma we declare war on NPO


Signed for R&R





Sec Def




Billy Briley


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Ode to Joy translated to "Ode to War"

JOY! JOY! For today we fight!

Let your spirit bind together all we men who's laws divide,

Und'r your wing so soft and tender, we shall fight till morning's light!

YES! And whomever shall call us their enemy, steal away their tears to feed our fight!

Arm-In-Arm we carry onward, rushing with victorious plight!

And so shall the angels sing, with their voices blazing high!

Let our victims scream in terror, for our mercy will be nigh! (non-existant)

As Leonidas proudly sayeth, "We will dine in hell tonight."

Let our victims clearly knoweth that the reservation is for THEM!

Brothers, Hasten, Bring your arms out, For the time is near at hand,

That we show them all our power, In Eternity, We rest.

Now a knight in shining armor, on our side he holds his flag,

Let us show him what's true valor, and so now we will fight our best!!

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