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From the Viridian Entente

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A Declaration of War from the Virdian Entente

Last night, our brothers Ordo Verde were attacked by the New Pacific Order. Confronted with misconstrued, trumped up, hypocritical, and overly dramatic charges, they were attacked by the Order in the middle of negotiations. From the onset of this issue, it has been clear to all that war was the only objective desired by the Pacifican war machine ...and now they will have it. As many know, we could use this post here tonight to address a number of grievances... such wrongs done in the past and present, as well as perceived offenses to the community as a whole, but we shall not. Karma catches up with us all eventually.

Pacifica, it ends tonight.

In defense of our brethren Ordo Verde, the Viridian Entente hereby declares war on the New Pacific Order.

Signed this Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cornelius, Lord of the Entente

Solaris, Duke of the Entente

Impero, Secretary of Defense

Salt, Secretary of the Interior

Son Of Howard, Secretary of State

SoonerNation, Minister of Awesome and Messiah of Admin

Peeko, Minister of Awesome

Smooth, Minister of Awesome and Smooth Criminal

Forsberg, Minister of Awesome

Argin, Minister of Awesome

Egore, Lord Emeritus

Ardus, Lord Emeritus


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