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Statement From the Orange Defense Network

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In light of recent events, I find it an unfortunate necessity to come to you tonight to make this announcement.

The Orange Defense Network has indeed taken note of the turmoil and tension building accross the globe. Over the past few days specifically, we have followed with interest the situation involving Ordo Verde. Being an alliance which strives for peace, and having allies on both sides of the dispute, we in the ODN were extremely hopeful of a peaceful resolution. Last night, we were shocked to observe in the midst of negotiations, that the New Pacific Order and The Order of Righteous Nations assaulted Ordo Verde. This is unprecedented aggressive action which we cannot in any way support.

The ODN Senate wishes it be known that we will not be able to support our allies who decide to defend this senseless action. We understand and respect their committments, and regret that we may be placed on alternate sides of this dispute. They have been informed of our stance, and we hope to be able to reconcile our differences

Our allies who are not in support of this action can expect our full readiness to defend them. For reference, those treaties which will be enforced include:

Mutual Orange Juicing Obligation - MDoAP with Vanguard

International Got all our members, and all we got was this treaty! - MDP with The International

The Citrus Express - MDP with R&R

Additionally, the Orange Defense Network would like to state that we have every intention of adhering to the non-aggression clauses of the Orange Unity Treaty. The Orange Sphere has remained a peaceful place throughout past wars. Never before has an OUT signatory declared war with another, and we will certainly not be the first to do so. The ODN hopes that all other OUT signatories adhere to this stance as well in the future as this conflict invariably develops.

Secretary General - Sunstar

Secretary of Defense - Proximus

Secretary of State - Arsenal

Secretary of Economics - Merlin

Secretary of Interior - Yates

Senate XXVIII - Joracy, Cataduanes, Dujek, & Franziskaner

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