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A Declaration from The Order of Righteous Nations


No one is infallible and when one is wrong, one must admit that. That is what this declaration is about.

Not long ago, logs of a private conversation between TORN government and Ordo Verde government was leaked to parties uninvolved. This leak strained the trust we placed in our former protectorate and ally, and we downgraded our treaty following a lengthy period of attempted reconciliation. Time continued to pass and OV did not find and plug this leak. We had no choice, then, but to cancel our treaty and in effect sever our diplomatic relations.

Last week, we were approached by our allies, who recalled the aforementioned issue. They had information, they said, about OV and a secret treaty with Blackstone Collusion - and evidence of spying activities. We committed ourselves to war if necessary, and diplomacy to avoid it.


Believing negotiations had come to an end, we went to war alongside the New Pacific Order. In doing so we were rash to act, and insulted the moderators of these talks.

Last night, we found out from sources other than our ally that this very same ally had approached OV with a ceasefire agreement. Only once the proposal was known throughout Bob were we even approached for consultation about any form of peace, retreat, or exit from this war.

Our Mutual Aggression and Defense Pact, Rip Torn Accords: The Sequel states that:

Article VIII Termination

If either signatory wishes to withdraw from this treaty for any reason, they must inform the other 72 hours in advance where the treaty shall still remain active until the closure of aforementioned period. Following this period, Article II will remain active for a further 11 days.

The Order of Righteous Nations hereby give our notice of cancellation of the Rip Torn Accords to the New Pacific Order.


As a result of the severance of this pact, we in The Order of Righteous Nations hereby withdraw from the war against Ordo Verde. We shall rebuild all damage absorbed by our targets in Ordo Verde, and we shall not oppose them or their allies in this current conflict. We feel the conduct of NPO in this matter is to be condemned.

Ordo Verde, we were just as wrong as NPO to deal as we did. We have committed an injustice to you, and hope that in time we can repair the fissure between us. You have our sincerest apologies.


Through the whole of this sequence of events, one man has stood strong for justice, and we in TORN owe him an eternal debt of gratitude. Archon, your commitment to our relationship and your work to help us find a graceful exit to this atrocity speaks to your character more than any words we might be able to compose. The Mushroom Kingdom is lucky to have you. It's good to see that they know it.


To our remaining allies, what can we express other than our thanks for your patience and support? We were taken in and now walk in shame. Thanks for standing by us. We'll be more than happy to speak with each of you in private to your satisfaction. Again, thanks.


To the League of Small Superpowers, you are also owed an apology for the disrespect displayed in our cancellation announcement. You deserve a fairer shake than we gave you.


bigwoody, Emperor of TORN

Signed on behalf of Karma,

Dani C, Ordo Verde Minister of Defense

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first and in WAY before Mogar.

I've always liked you guys a ton, and you got hung out to dry if I've ever seen it. Glad to hear that the Stern Coalition is working with you guys to fix the situation :)

Also: Was there a stern talking to involved?

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On behalf of OV and Karma, this surrender is more than welcome, and I am glad to see my former protectors and alliance no longer at war with OV. I look forward to improving the damaged relations in the future. I wish only the best to TORN.

Dani C- Ordo Verde MOD

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