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[CNRP] The Imperial Family


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Today, the Office of the Reichskaiser released a report on the status on the Imperial Family.

Monarch (Reichskaiser): Ranather Rukia

Regent: Cassandra Edarte-Rukia

Crown Heir: Princess Ysabel Edarte-Rukia

Non-Declared Heirs: Elijah Haines (Disowned, Formerly Elijah Rukia)

Other Extended Members: Duke Larsa Solidor (Fieldmarschall of the Hanseatic Military), Sarah Tintagyl-Solidor (Lady Protector of the Hanseatic Commonwealth), Caroline Rasmussen-Solidor (Larsa's Sister-in-Law and Mikhail's mother), Mikhail 'Tyr' Solidor (Aesir of Nordheim), Presley Rukia-Granger (Ranather's Sister, Location Unknown), Sir Maximillion Cornell (Larsa's Cousin, Viscount of the Zambize Lowlands), Sir Egbert Derdeck (Ranather and Larsa's joint cousin, Viscount of the Lusakya Metropolitan Area)

Kaiser Rukia has also announced that the 27th annual Rukia-Solidor-Granger-Cornell-Derdeck Family Reunion will be held in the Reichstag Grand Boquet Hall within the next month. It will be closed to family members and certain invited persons.

Edited by Ranather
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