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OcUK Alliance Announcement

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OcUK Alliance Announcement

For many months now the OcUK Alliance has been in a state of war with the Ragnarok Alliance, a war that was declared upon us without treaty obligation or valid CB. It was described at the time as a pre-emptive strike to prevent us from supporting our friends and allies in BLEU.

Today in light of the pending global conflict we come before you to announce that OcUK declares a unilateral ceasefire with Ragnarok. We do not end our war with RoK and we do not request or require peace. We do however now share a common enemy and some common goals. This announcement serves as notice to the Ragnarok Alliance and we have no intention of discussing this with you diplomatically or otherwise.

All of our many embedded nations are hereby ordered to take up the sword and fight bravely and with honour under the Ragnarok banner. Cease and desist from all offensive away missions until such time that that the global war is at an end. We reserve the right to continue to gather intelligence but we will not use any intelligence gathered to jeopardise RoK's imminent war effort.

We also suggest that Ragnarok peace out any remaining wars they have with OcUK nations during this ceasefire so that we may both concentrate our full efforts on the common enemy. This would specifically apply to Ex-RoK LoT, King Lear. We would further suggest that the nation Doofy is removed from the RoK ZI list and offered peace. It should be noted that our unilateral ceasefire is not conditional of the above mentioned suggestions.

May Bob be a better place when this war is done.


MrWhite - Lord Protector

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Suspending your war with one sanctioned alliance to start another with a second sanctioned alliance is great. :lol: Whoever wins this war will still be at war with you :wacko:

Your logic is so incredible, would you like a job?

We're aware of this fact

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