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Astronaut Jones has LANDED on Planet Bob

astronaut jones

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I put my spaceship's cloaking device on, no one knows where it is or what it looks like, but Mr. Wonderful Electron Sponge saw it with his ministry of science telescope awhile back, but I trust him to keep that a secret.

But man, Planet Bob, what's going on? Space is DOPE, I'm gonna go back soon, but my services seem to be needed here on the planet.

I had to take my spacesuit off, get out of those high heel shoes with all them fly faeries and women, and put back on my Planet Bob clothes. DAMN!

What's up, planet?

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Too dope? Nothing is ever dope enough, brother.

Have you BEEN to space? I don't even know why I came back, I just kept hearing rumblings, random radio signals that sounded like "greSHSDSHGSGHSGSSHHHacrSHHHHSHSSHHHFFHSDAHH we need yourSHHHSSHHHHHSHSHHHHHelp"

and I figured that maybe I was needed, so I landed my spaceship, cloaked that !@#$ up and I'm back here on planet bob. Yo, I gotta take you up though, I'll take you to electron sponge's grotto world.

Nothing but fine $@! space !@#$%*es and the universe's largest grotto and floating bar.

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Your signal's weak on my radar screen,

How far out are you, man?

My space equipment doesn't work down here on PB, so I just got this walkie talkie I picked up at radio shack, and a brick cellphone from the 1980s.

I spent all my money making my spaceship all fly and dope, so.. I gotta make do with what I have now that I'm back on PB.

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