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Nordheimer Policy

Kaiser Martens

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Nordenstern, the main Nordlandic-speaking Newspaper recently has released an analysis by Dr. Vuka Elsasdottar Saslavski of the Nordheimer Institute for Folkish Studies, and Dr. HroÞrik Bernsson Baumann of the International Martencist Party.

The Ways Of The North

An effort to define and classify the beliefs of the new Martencism

Nordland spawns many different Nations and is the home to several, if not many, peoples, as well as different "Political varieties", so in order to understand the diversity of Nordlandic Thought, one must first comprehend what each state does in particular.

Policies of Nordheim:

1: Extreme Militarism

The most marked characteristic, and the most easily recognized in every Nordlandic Nation is their inherent Militarism, which manifests itself in several manners. Military service is invariably mandatory regarding Gender and other conditions, and in fact every single civilian has at least a Monthly Military Training Meeting in which they're given abbridged versions of the same training full-time soldiers undergo. As the Nordlandic Nations have been at war most of the time, it became quickly a necessity to have population ready to defend itself or ready to join the Regular Army at a very short notice. Together with this, the nations have very liberal policies regarding weapon possesion, and in several nations owning a gun is, in fact, mandatory. Nordland as such tends to phase out the classical Civilian Class in favor of something resembling ancient warrior-like societies. In spite of having the highest number of firearms per capita in the world, violence and related incidents have historically been near inexistant, and as a side effect criminality is low due to the fact that the people are allowed to defend through lethal means. Recently, in line with the "Neuvegun", the militaristic tone has reverted from an Aggressive Mode to an Isolationist, very defensive non-expansionist variant, a first in history.

2: Rational Atheism and Spiritual Paganism

Nordheim's view to what is called Religion is one which can seem contradictory and rejected both by traditional Theists as well as Atheists. Religion has two components, the Pre-rational Component and the Spiritual Component, and we define them as follows: The Pre-Rational Component is vestigial from the ancientmost societies of humans. Religion was created before or rather while language was being created as a method for organizing society - The ancient version of Modern Law - therefore it isn't properly rational because it was created before formal reason and logic were created. This is not due to "stupidity" of the Human Race as one may initially think, but simply because in order to express complex thought, a complex language is needed, so the ancient humans needed to explain things such as laws, social order and nature through extremely simple terms: Magical beliefs, such as the existence of gods with varying magical powers and capabilities. The fact that they managed to explain these things with only early, unprepared languages, is a feat in itself. The Spiritual Component is connected to this. The spiritual part would be essentially caring about what the actual point of their beliefs were, rather than trying to understand beliefs literally. Because of this, the typical Nordlander is a Germanic Pagan, however, very few actually believe that proper Gods and Magic ever exist, as these are simply a resource of an early society, therefore, they're technically Atheists, but they also do have Spirituality because the teachings are focused on the values, traditions, old ways and history - Religion gives a sense of community and union, and regardless of the authenticity of any actual Gods, the true value of religion is what our forefathers tried to teach through it, and they shed some light on what our forefathers had in their mind. It is like viewing letters from the people that started our cultures in which they explain their world to us for understand it, they show their traditions, and they give us certain advice. In a way, Rational Atheism rejects both Theism AND Atheism, knowing how to draw the positive points from a religion without believing in imaginary beings. As a side note, all religions - including the Official and by far most widespread and popular Religion, Germanic Paganism - are taxed.

3: Extreme Social Liberalism

Although the militarist part is beyond any reasonable doubt the product of the collective will to fight with discipline, said discipline does not extend beyond Work and Battlefield. For example in Religion, almost every religion if not all are allowed. In issues regarding sexuality, all types of it with the exception of Paedophilia are allowed, and by definition no laws regulating sexuality are allowed to exist, save for the mentioned exception of course. Early Martencism was inherently Feminist as a means to fight against Sexism, however now Feminism is no longer needed because equality has been reached. In normal schools, both sexes are taught by law the same things, the only exception being the Elite Valkyrie Class, which as the name implies, is only for women, however the Einherjar Class mirrors this as an institution for males. Regarding gender, official documentation has an additional option for Intersexed Individuals. Marriage does not exist beyond the individual marriages of different Religions, as it is regarded as something off limits for state authorities.

4: Antidemocratic Approach

Nordheim and Martencism are inherently antidemocratic as it is believed for those systems to be unsuitable for governing anything but small towns and extremely small nations. The only cases in which something resembling democracy may be used is when the leaders decide to call for a plebiscite regarding particular issues. Democracy is regarded as a decadent ancient ruling system that should be avoided at all costs, even non-Martencists from Nordland find common ground in this beliefs, regardless of their class.

5: State Capitalism

Martencism opposed ideologically to both Capitalism and Communism, and instead it draws what finds more appropiate from both. From Socialism it takes the centralization of economy and protectionist measures, aiming to give the state power over the industry and market and at the same time to protect and isolate the nation from further markets as much as possible, the goal being selfsufficiency. From Capitalism it takes the possibility of starting business on one's own right with one's own investment, as such half of the country is the Private Sector and the rest is the State Sector, and both work together both for profit and for prosperity of the Land. When needed, the State regulates private business, but it has always been careful not to prove an influence strong enough as to discourage activity. State expenditure's main focus is on Education, deeming it as the most effective weapon.

6: Meritocratic Tone

Meritocracy is what constitutes the nation, since the system is not democratic another option is required to organize who gets to do what. Therefore, roughly, it is a dictatorship, but it is more flexible than normal dictatorships in the sense that those who get promoted are systematically those who are able to perform the best in their respective areas, therefore if brilliant enough any given man can rise to become the leader of the whole nation: Talent is rewarded, and this makes everyone work harder, and it also helps fight against Cronyism.

7: Neo-Korenization

As opposed to Old Martencism which had a "Nordlandification" policy which tried to use Nordlandic Culture to replace Non-Germanic cultures, New Martencism instead promotes Sub-National divisions - like Provinces or Quasi-Federal Länder containing each a dinstinctive set of cultures with regional autonomy. This serves to preserve Non-Nordlandic culture and to have people being led only by their own people, as they're better able to understand the mindset and thusly the necessities of their own people. Furthermore, it makes people develop roots on their territory, so it is a type of Nationalism as well. It is a place where they can preserve their own traditions even if some of the laws may seem opposite to Standard Nordlandic Policies. This was used to receive Italian, Middle-Eastern, Asian and Slavic populations at very large numbers. Each section has both Nordlandic and their own separate language as the Official Ones. Some of the sections even go as far as proclaiming themselves Comunist, but remain loyal in spite of this.


In other news, the paper mentioned the finishing of differnet Fortifications in several areas of Nordheim, and the beginning of the construction of a new fortification line to protect Nordheim from potential aggression from Mariehamm.

Lastly, further immigration is seen into Nordheim as The "True" Europeans actively promote discrimination against those who feel identified with Nordlandic Ethnicity, the Government announced funding for the newcomers.

"This is the return of Racism. Fighting stones with stones will not work, our Isolationism and lack of eagerness to respond with similar policies against local Non-Nordlanders will be our wall against which they'll pound their fists with the futility of a frustrated dictator from Austria, who must have surely been their inspiration. We the Muspellheimer Africans will gladly protect our Nordic Kameraden and Lord Martens. He gave us land, he gave us riches, he gave us a future, so we, we give him loyalty" - Surtr of Muspellheim.

Widespread peaceful Anti-Überstein as well as Anti-"True" European protests spontaneously were seen in many places within Nordheim's territories. Many of the people state utter dissapointment after being betrayed by their old ally, and in other cases, by their own ruler before Nordheim existed. Although the neighbors attempted to divide Nordheim, they can only unite more.

Edited by Kaiser Martens
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OOC: I laugh at the thought that my Ubersteinian people thought they were "Nordlanders", but you can live in your own little world if you want. RP continuity was abandoned ages ago anyway, so I'll just assume that all the Ubersteinians who lived in a democratic system suddenly hate having a say in government.

Also, where are these immigrants coming from? Not my country, that's for sure.

Edited by BaronUberstein
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Frederick puts down the imported paper and takes another sip of his coffee. Across the table from him sat Danica, who said to him, "Finally some rationalism. What would it take to adopt these ideals?"

"Not much actually. These people are used to having a new regime every week," he said with a smirk.


Norsvea congratulates its neighbors on furthering rationality in Scandinavia.

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OOC: Oh why hello there please keep the thread IC, kthxaufwiedersehen.

OOC: I'm just commenting on the fact that you forget that Ubersteinian Scandinavia was never "nordic", that nothing "nordic" was taught in the schools, and that their separate cultures were supported. But once again, it seems RP continuity is only used when convenient.

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Imperial Palace, Kotka

Nikolai Romanov and his Queen put the newspaper down after reading the "Nordheimer Manifesto". Anna begins to laugh.

"Interesting. I cant wait to see what they right for the next comic!"

Nikolai frowns. "Call the Senate. We need an emergency meeting. I fear Molakia is already under attack...." he finishes, crypticly.

Molakia Air Force Base

Kotka, Molakia

Antonev Frolov and Alexei Romanov share a toast. They both drink their vodka over a picture of Martens.

"To Nordland!" They exclaim, with several other officers toasting aswell.

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"Granting extreme freedoms while imposing extreme control, bringing itself to peace and isolationism while arming itself to the teeth... My I should stop here, it seems as thought as Nordic leaders enjoyed themselves a little too much during four-twenty. Go figure."

-Junior Diplomat of the Foreign Ministry

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Dranagg worries about the public stress and recreation ability of a nation so overly dedicated to strict order. The ramifications of this policy might be felt internally very quickly.

Not so much that people will be bored, but, rather, they will have everything, and nothing, to do at once.

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Your society is not chaotic, but a failure as a whole. Your nation has been doomed from day one to fail.

Which certainly explains how just about everyone gets along with everyone else here, and actually interacts with each other, rather than isolating themselves. Yeah, we can see what you mean.

Most ironic words ever spoken up to date in history.


Edited by Subtleknifewielder
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"All parties may do well to remember that different peoples feel different regarding different government systems, not all populations go along well with every system, as such, there's no perfect system, but there IS a system perfect for a particular nation."

"Codswallop. You say there is now perfect system, which is correct. But there is no such thing as a system that is perfect for the people of an entire nation. One can get close, but there are always flaws."

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