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A Royal Marriage


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Today, Kaiserin Danica Sjønhet announced a press conference for national press and a public viewing on television for international press. Her pale complexion was glowing with happiness as she made her announcement.

"I greet you today with a most pleasureable announcement. My chief foreign advisor, Frederick Keitelson Martens, no relation as we see to the great Kaiser Martens, has proposed to me, and I have accepted to make him the new Norsvean Kaiser. We will be dividing up the responsibilities, I will be continuing foreign relations and internal affairs, and Frederick will be the Militærmarschall, Kanzler, and Volksführer of the Norsvea, so you will not be seeing any less of me. The wedding will be on the twenty fifth, and I invite all foreign leaders of neutral or good relations with Norsvea to attend. Now, my fiance would like to announce something."


((OOC: For all of Frederick's pictures, ignore the guitar))

Frederick, a long haired, mysterious looking man, took the microphone after giving Danica a good kiss. He talked with a sharp but low voice, and had an almost cynical smile on his face.

"Thank you mein kjære. Danica explained the bulk of what I will be doing, but allow me to introduce myself in a more thorough way. I am not related to the Kaiser, although I am not entirely sure. My father never spoke much about the family. Either way, I would not want to make the name Martens associated with buffoons, although I am a Norsvean leader now, so somehow I am associated with some of them.

"I will work with Danica on recreating this nation. We are still far from our Nordlandic brothers on the scale of national protection and Nordic pride. I find that the Distopyan roots are those causes. Now, for Distopyan Nationalists, as much of a contradiction as that is, do not worry, your national pride will not be destroyed, because Distopya was never a nation. It was the ramblings of an old man with no brains. This version was just a cover-up to prevent Norsvea from falling into the hands of the enemy. Now that Nordland and Kaiser Martens have returned, we can return to our Nordic heritage.

"Have a great MADHIGH day."

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