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Update your Tech/Infra/Land Database


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This shall become the next Tech/Infra/Land Database. I currently do not have the time to post a real and officially acceptable main post, but I shall do that in the next week!

Old Post:

In light of the major war currently, you may be seriously attacked, and maybe ZI'ed. This war may also be very large Graaaamar :P. So it is suggested that you update your database with your current stats so then you can keep them in RP (if you are still allowed that).
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I don'y know how to take an in-game pic, so I'll copy/paste my stats:

Tech: 101.45

Infrastructure: 999.99

Tax Rate: Private

Area of Influence: 1,005.050 mile diameter.

315.989 in purchases, 76.469 in modifiers, 612.591 in growth

Also, reason my tech is low: I'm doing some tech deals, so can we assume my tech is at it's old status (200ish)?

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I'm not very good at screenshots, so here goes copy/pasting.

Technology: 1,904.95

Infrastructure: 7,212.05

Area of Influence: 4,455.462 mile diameter

Max soldiers (x10): 678,460

Max Tanks: 6,784

Citizens (x100): 8,480,800

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Land (SoI)-1,978.793 mile diameter (set for life :awesome: )

Max Soldiers (x10)- 100,000

Max Tanks- 1,863

Citizen Count (x100)- 427,940

I went hippie.

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RP Nation Name: Great Lakes State

Tech Level: 625

Infra Level: 5,000

Land Level: 1,124

Nuclear(Y/N): N

Citizens IG: 47,184

Soldiers IG: 10,000

Can anyone show me how to screen shot? I have a print screen button on my laptop, but I don't know how to get the picture to actually save as a file.

After pressing "Print Screen" or "Print" or whatever:

Open MS Paint or a similar image manipulation program.

Open a new file, unless there's already one open.

Press CTRL + V ("Paste")

The "Save as", give it a name.

Click the dropdown menu.

Save as *.png


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