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An Announcement from MOON

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An Announcement from the Majestic Order of Orange Nations

72 hours ago we notified the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance of our intent to activate Article VI of our MDoAP

treaty that was signed on September 28th, 2007:

Article VI: Nullification

2. Should either alliance choose to withdraw from this agreement they must give notice to the other signatory.

A Seventy-Two hour grace period will be in effect in which the treaty will stay active.

This treaty is now cancelled.

This cancellation is not a result of failed communication or because of changes in membership of both alliances.

This cancellation is a result of two alliances diverging upon seperate paths. We wish MCXA the best for the

good they did for MOON during its founding and during the duration of this treaty.


Overlord Shinnra, Emperor

mattski133, Imperial Regent

Diamond D, Imperial Duke

Homeboy, Imperial Chancellor

Kitler, Imperial Steward

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