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Alvonia and Tennessee Federation Announcement


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Today has seen progress.

Under the grace of Viniland, the lands known as Wisconsin will be split between Alvonia and the Tennessee Federation.


The border between the two great nations shall be a line along the cities of Eau Claire, Stevens Point, and Green Bay. All North of this new border is Alvonia. All South is Tennessee. The farthest North-West border is where the Mississippi River ceases to be the border of Wisconsin. The Door (?) Peninsula shall belong to the Tennessee Federation.

We are glad to see such a thing transpire peacefully. We hope for a fruitful future with our new neighbors! We thank everyone for their time.

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The Federation congradulates our Tennessean allies in this peaceful land gain.

Private Thoughts

How the hell heck can THEY get land from the Viniland Protectorate when we had to fight to get all of what was rightfully ours?

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"We officially thank our ever trusted friends in Viniland."

OOC:.... He got all the cows :P I think we both just wanted the expansion. My borders are now filled out the way I'd like and I run along most of the Mississippi. Plus now, my people have achieved their somewhat of a manifest destiny!

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"We endorse this transaction within our protectorate, and hope that both parties make fruitful use of their newly acquired land."

OOC: Y'know Yort, you totally ripped Reeki... you got all of the major cities. :P

We thank Viniland for this statement and also thank the Tennesse Federation for helping for a peaceful negotiation.

OOC: I don't really care, I got Green Bay out of this! :P

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