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When Virtue Fails

Il Terra Di Agea

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Several months Ago, While Tahoe and IoA were invading Espiral De Morte


He laughed a bit as he realized where he was. He had just plunged a nation into war, his master plan had failed, but his back up worked. They found him on the floor of his office, and tossed him into the ocean with the garbage. It's amazing what a bit of poison and a flesh wound can do, he thought to himself and tentatively touched the deep cut on his chin, I guess I'm safe.

He started to laugh again, he could not believe that everything worked, he was only out a piece of metal for all the crime and death he spread, nothing else. He looked out, across the dark sea at the reflections of the moon and fire from far away Cuba. He did not care.

Thousand of lives would be lost, but he did not care.

He never cared.

As he pulled himself onto a sand bar, and stood up, he could not care less about the people dying.

He paused, completely still for a moment, before brushing some sand and water off of his torn, brown suit.

"I guess it's time to go," He muttered, as a toothy grin pulled across his face.

OOC: Leading in to a big, crazy RP I'm planning, this is just going to set up where everyone is, and what they've been doing since I left them off. You'll see some old faces in here, and I'm bringing at least one character back from the dead... sort of.

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With a mighty crash of waves breaking on the beach, he pulled himself up and looked out. Trees, mud, and a distant light. He took a deep sigh, and began to tread slowly away from the muddy shore. As he carefully stepped over logs and bunches of grass, he began to wrap a long strand of bandage over the scarred half of his face, more for the good of others that himself, no one should ever have to see a man who looks like he's been put through a meat grinder, he thought to himself, I mean, I'm a sick !@#$%^&, but nobody should have to see that.

As he drew closer, he saw what the light was, a bright red, neon sign, for a 24 hour diner. He began to smile again as he tightened his tie, and sped up his pace.

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