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A Graphic Request


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Vox Populi is in need of a talented graphic artist. Unlike the rest of these, I can't offer you a sum of money or tech, as it is quite obvious our resources are very limited.

So what I'm looking for is someone talented who is willing to do work for nothing more than eternal gratitude. :)

Query me on IRC, drop me a PM, or post here if interested in helping me.

It's not a signature or propaganda, by the way.

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I remember a very amusing 'Hills or the ODN's back?' signature you had a while ago, was a truly stunning piece of artwork ^_^ So yeah, I think you should do it, you've got the credentials imo.

Ah, yes, I am a master of the Microsoft Paint.

Edit: Apparently I've sent too many PM's and can't reply to any till tomorrow. Never heard of this feature. So don't PM me requests, ask here.

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