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Vaule Democratic Republic Falls!

Imperator Azenquor

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VNN Breaking News: VDR Falls!


-Protesters in the Square

Paralyzed by wide ranging worker’s strikes and protests, the government of the VDR attempted to break the deadlock by ordering police and militia units to arrest protesters around the Imperial palace in Sygh-Varthys. The orders came from Princess Azleya herself and were believed to be an attempt to regain control of a situation that spun completely out of her control.

As police moved in and began arresting people, small scuffles developed in the large crowd as people resisted. Tensions exploded after a woman who escaped from the grasp of police officers was shot in the back as she fled. This unfortunate incident incited the crowd and caused the largest riot in the history of Vaule.


-Confrontation with riot police

The officer who shot the civilian was beaten up by nearby rioters as the crowd worked into a frenzy. The Imperial Guard fell back to surround the Imperial Palace in an attempt to reform their defense line, but the situation was rapidly escalating.


-Imperial Guard attempting to reform the defense line

The final blow came as two trucks that were positioned in the square by protesters who defected from the Imperial Guard were opened to reveal their contents. The trucks were disguised RM-70 multiple rocket launchers. The crowd parted like a tidal wave as the launchers were loaded and fired on the Imperial palace destroying the East wall and setting the security post on fire.



Angry protesters armed themselves with bottles, rocks, sticks and anything else that they could find as the massive crowd stormed through the wall into the Imperial Palace. It is unclear what is the situation inside the Imperial Palace, or if Princess Azleya is still inside the compound.

President Rokossovsky of the VSR has ordered army units to move into Caledonia, Regulus and West Faron provinces in order to maintain order and to disarm the Imperial Guard units. It is unclear however if the VSR will intervene in Sygh-Varthys to bring the riots under control.

We have also learned that the Office of the Prime Minister in Sygh-Varthys has been hit with an artillery round and has caught fire.


-Office of the Prime Minister

President Rokossovsky did issue a statement regarding the situation in the VDR:

“The Armed forces of the Vaule Socialist Republic will enter the former VDR to maintain order in all of the provinces previously under the control of the Imperial Guard units. We will maintain order in the provinces until we are able to hold additional referenda in each of the provinces. We will also mandate the immediate disarmament of the Imperial Guard forces.”-President Rokossovsky

We will continue to monitor the situation in Sygh-Varthys as it develops and we will do our best to determine the fate of the Prime Minister and the Princess.

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It is sad that the Princess could not acknowledge the results of the votes and tried to take control with force. The Vaulian people replied in kind, and the Princess reaped what she sowed - death.

Canada hopes that the VSR will swiftly bring peace and order to the former VDR.

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VNN News Update: The Dust settles

Units of the former Imperial Guard stationed throughout the provinces of the former VDR have laid down their arms and surrendered to the advancing VSR Forces. Notification of the surrender of the Imperial Guard units was broadcast on state TV by their Commanding Officers who appealed for a calm and orderly transition. Both the VSR government and the remaining VDR Commanders have called for an end to the rioting in Sygh-Varthys.

We have received reports from Sygh-Varthys that a group of people has detained Princess Azleya and Prime Minister Ivanov in the Imperial Palace. We can also confirm that some of the rioters who broke through to the Palace have begun to loot the building of its contents. The SWoRD agency has reported that they have made contact with the group holding the Prime Minister and Princess and have arranged to have them transferred into state custody to stand trial.

VSR troops have reinstated the regional government authority in all former VDR provinces. The regional governments shall remain in place and arrange the necessary referenda on joining the VSR. The regional authorities shall manage the day to day affairs of the provinces until the referenda have been completed.

Upon hearing the news of the collapse of the VDR, most of the rioters in Sygh-Varthys began to disperse and co-operate with authorities who are attempting to remain calm. Other Impromptu celebrations have popped up all over Vaule as bars nationwide have declared that “in honor of Re-Independence Day, all purchases are on the house”

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Though the Princess perhaps acted rashly, this whole thing is shameful.


"...and let the torturing and human rights offenses against ex-VDR Officials begin, the VSR shall show it's true colors soon enough."


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***Inside the Imperial Palace***

Watching as the situation collapsed around her, Princess Azleya retreated to the Throne room, and locked the door behind her. She heard loud shouts downstairs as the remaining guards struggled to fight the river of angry protesters. She was cornered and she knew it.

As the noises approached, she frantically searched for something to defend herself with. Unnoticed, a woman stepped out of the shadows. The woman wore an Order uniform, but covered her face with a mask. The mysterious woman silently crept up behind the Princess then spoke, startling the Princess:

“Your Majesty”-????

“Who…are you?”-Azleya

“That doesn’t matter, what is important is that I can offer you a way out.”-????

Suddenly, there was a loud banging at the door to the throne room.

“Last chance Princess.”-????

“Fine. Let’s go then”-Azleya

With a nod, the mysterious woman led the Princess to a nearby tapestry. She ripped the tapestry from the wall, and pushed against the bare wall. Suddenly the wall gave way, revealing a small compartment and a tunnel.

Without waiting any longer, the Princess rushed into the tunnel, and the woman followed a few paces behind. Once they were in the tunnel, the mysterious woman reached into her belt and ran her fingers over the hilt of her katana.

“All in good time” she thought to herself.

As soon as they escaped, the Palace fell and the remaining Guards surrendered. Most people went home, others made sure that they took a "souvenir" while the rest continued to search the palace. Once news of the Princess' disappearance reached the crowd, the rioters slowly trickled out of the Square and returned home.

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15,000 troops and countless IFVs have been deployed along the border with Vaule (formerly Tyranar). Should Vaule need them, they're ready for immediete deployment.

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