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Looking for a MoD


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UINE (Union of Integrated National Entities) is a young organization, but we are growing at an increadible rate. Already we are over 90 members and this growth doesn't seem like its about to stop anytime soon!

However, the number of people to manage has simply left our current Minister of Defense overwhelmed and we are looking for a replacement.

Now for the job description, the following will be the new MoDs (his title is actually Field-Marshall) responsibilites:

1) Continue in the work of setting up a competitive military system.

2) Organize drills and keep the alliance on a constant alert level.

3) Organize and educate every member of the alliance soi that they know their role and position in times of war.

4) Command UINE military forces in time of war.

If anyone is willing to take on the job, they should pm me a quick resume of their CN career. Obviously the potential candidate needs to be an active individual who is able to think outside the box! If you feel like this job is for you then by all means send me your application. Finally, Id like to remind everyone of what a chance is being presented here, becoming MoD for an alliance straight off the bat and shaping the future of a young alliance full of potential like UINE is surely something to consider!

Thank you to all applicants for their time, if you have any questions please pm me with them and I will be more than happy to answer them as quickly as possible.

UINE forums: http://uine.darkbb.com/

IRC (Im almost always there and will answer as quickly as possible): #uine

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Looking for a possible government member this way isn't exactly the best method. I'd advise you to seek for one within your own membership. Your members might be new, but everyone has to start somewhere. ;) And 'sides, you guys have RIA as protector. It can't be bad.

Ok.... Id like to clear the situation up with you, firstly, our protector is ARES and not RIA. Secondly, have no doubt that our members are the ones who fill up the majority of government positions, hence why only one is being advertised here. All our people, are either busy in another section of government or do not have the neccessary experience to finish setting up a complete military. There is nothing wrong with your criticism and indeed it is right, however, there is something about setting up a military hovering 100 members that requires you having seen how it was done or at least having intimate knowledge of how the whole operation is run :)......

Anyways, back to subject please keep sending me your resume, ill be happy to give you all an answer as rapidly as possible!

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I doubt anyone who has the experience you're looking for is going to leave their current alliance with all of the tensions on Planet Bob. Good luck trying to find a replacement. Perhaps you should consider someone within your own alliance.

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