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Announcement from NATO

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NATO Announcement of Peace and Love

If only for a day


tl;dr - Peace and love on this auspicious day, we'll get back to fun tomorrow.


Today, April 20, 2009, NATO celebrates the one year anniversary of that one time we went in to Code Ernie because we were sure we were about to be attacked:


In celebration of another year gone by, and the past few days of being sure we were about to be attacked, we are taking the day off from trolling, negativity and basically anything war related. Anyone that wishes to join us can drop by our IRC room, #cnnato. Which will probably be empty and quiet like it always is, but occasionally someone might pop up and say 'wait, what', or 'lol, was that important'.

To anyone that would harsh our good times on this manufactured day of respite, you can come too. Just don't keep yappin while Kfedistan is trying to sleep. He's had a rough morning keeping the kids in line.

Oh yeah, the real announcement

We don't like to talk about stats too much, because anyone familiar with our history understands that we aren't comfortable being big and freak out when we're approaching small. We like new people, but generally they sketch us out. So our numbers have never been powerhouse. But we have risen almost a million NS this year (a very loose term of almost) and we couldn't pass up the irony of an evil numerical value on a day so good.



To our friends, and to those who are plotting to do us harm, we salute you equally as citizens of this world, and hope you can have a day of happiness, however you find that.

Announcement 3

NATO has agreed to white peace with Jarheads and re-state our long held policy of the non-use of EZI.

For No Reason

This is a picture of a woman shooting an arrow. There is no significance of the inclusion of this picture beyond the obvious.



It has been a fun road, let the future play out in front us like a Cheeto stuck in a drainage pipe, longing for the days of... yeah, I don't know.

Peace and love,


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