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Green Sphere Trade Ring


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If you want in, please post here.

Aluminum -

Coal -

Gold -

Iron -

Lead -

Lumber -

Marble -

Oil -

Rubber -

Water - CheddarOTW

Wheat - CheddarOTW

Uranium -

Portfolio I

Eight Bonus Resource Set: Asphalt, Automobiles, Beer, Construction, Microchips, Radiation Cleanup, Scholars, Steel

Portfolio Upside: Infrastructure, Military, Tech Cost, Environment

Portfolio Downside: Population

Daily Income $6.00

Infra Cost -35.2%

Infra Upkeep -21.3%

Population 8.0%

Land Cost -10.0%

Land Area 38.0%

Land Growth 0.0%

Tech Cost -12.6%

Happiness 11.0

Environment Neutral

Soldier Efficiency 42.6%

Soldier Cost -$6.00

Soldier Upkeep -$0.50

Tank Cost -8.0%

Tank Upkeep -17.0%

Aircraft Limit 10

Aircraft Cost -15.2%

Aircraft Upkeep -25.0%

Cruise Missile Cost -20.0%

Cruise Missile Upkeep -20.0%

Nuke Cost -20.0%

Nuke Upkeep -20.0%

Navy Cost -23.5%

Navy Upkeep -35.2%

Unhappiness Pop Density Increase 50

Days nuclear anarchy -1

GRL -50.0%

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