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King of the Hill Round 4


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Ladies and Gentlemen of CN:TE,

It is now the end of the round. A tradition was started last round call “King of the Hill” which is to see if people can take down the #1 alliance at the end of the round. This round, FARK has the pleasure of being the #1 ranked alliance in CN:TE.

Today, HARMFUL officially declares the start of the “KING OF THE HILL WAR” and invites all ALLIANCES to join in on the fun. Everyone is able to join any side.

I hope to this tradition of King of the Hill War (started by FARK in Round 3) will continue forward into future rounds.

I wish all sides the best of luck.

Personal Comments:

This isn’t a true blitz as most of FARK is already at DEFCON 1 and has been for 3 or so days already. Also, for those who want to troll, this isn’t related to any past events. I hope everyone joins in and fight!!!

o/ Harmful


o/ WAR


Executive Director


Executive Assistant Director


Military Director

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Thanks for the complement :)

You guys have always fought well so it was worth a shot early. Always learning and for sure Harmful and myself included have a lot to learn as well.

Always fun to fight with or against FARK.

As LE would do, Salute to FARK, her leaders, and those I consider good irc friends on FARK's side.

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