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Wästerdyskreich Nordic Socialist Republic

Mergerberger II

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Announcement from the Wästerdyskreichful Nordic Socialist Republic

There are several announcements that we would like to make this day. Firstly, to reflect our proud Nordlandic heritage, we have shifted our name to something more Nordlanic. Wästerdyskreich shall be the official name for the territory that we govern.

Second, as of this moment, Operation Fortress goes into effect. If it affects you, you will know.

Third, as of this moment, the Truth Doctrine goes into effect. This dictates internal policy in Wästerdyskreich.

Lastly, we are beginning a technology sharing deal with the Hanseatic Commonwealth. We welcome our new brothers.

Thank you, that is all.

~His Imperial Highness Alexander I,

Emperor of the Wästerdyskreichful Nordic Socialist Republic

The Truth Doctrine

The Doctrine of Nordic Socialism

First, all citizens of Wästerdyskreich must know and be able to recite on command the Doctrine of Truth.

HAPPY is he to whom truth manifests itself, not in signs and words that fade, but as it actually is. Our opinions, our senses often deceive us and we discern very little.

What good is much discussion of involved and obscure matters when our ignorance of them will not be held against us on Judgment Day? Neglect of things which are profitable and necessary and undue concern with those which are irrelevant and harmful, are great folly.

We have eyes and do not see.

What, therefore, have we to do with questions of philosophy? He to whom the Eternal Word speaks is free from theorizing. For from this Word are all things and of Him all things speak -- the Beginning Who also speaks to us. Without this Word no man understands or judges aright. He to whom it becomes everything, who traces all things to it and who sees all things in it, may ease his heart and remain at peace with the Emperor and the Order.

Oh my Emperor, You Who are the truth, make me one with You in Order everlasting. I am often wearied by the many things I hear and read, but in You is all that I long for. Let the learned be still, let all creatures be silent before You; You alone speak to me.

The more recollected a man is, and the more devoted to the Order he becomes, the easier he understands sublime things, for he receives the light of knowledge from His Imperial Highness. The pure, simple, and steadfast spirit is not distracted by many labors, for he does them all for the honor of the Emperor. And since he enjoys interior peace he seeks no selfish end in anything. What, indeed, gives more trouble and affliction than uncontrolled desires of the heart?

A good and devout man arranges in his mind the things he has to do, not according to the whims of evil inclination but according to the dictates of the Order. Who is forced to struggle more than he who tries to master himself? This ought to be our purpose, then: to conquer self, to become stronger each day, to advance in virtue.

Every perfection in this life has some imperfection mixed with it and no learning of ours is without some darkness. Humble knowledge of the Policy of Order is a surer path to the Emperor than the ardent pursuit of learning. Not that learning is to be considered evil, or knowledge, which is good in itself and so ordained by the Emperor; but a clean conscience and Order-Oriented life ought always to be preferred. Many often err and accomplish little or nothing because they try to become learned rather than to live with the Order and the Emperor.

Tell me, where now are all the masters and teachers whom you knew so well in life and who were famous for their learning? Others have already taken their places and I know not whether they ever think of their predecessors. During life they seemed to be something; now they are seldom remembered. How quickly the glory of the world passes away! If only their lives had kept pace with their learning, then their study and reading would have been worth while.

How many there are who perish because of vain worldly knowledge and too little care for serving the Order. They became vain in their own conceits because they chose to be great rather than humble.

He is truly great who has great charity. He is truly great who is little in his own eyes and makes nothing of the highest honor. He is truly wise who looks upon all earthly things as folly that he may gain Honour. He who does the Emperor's will and renounces his own is truly very learned.

By the supreme might and wisdom of the Emperor, all freedoms are hereby abolished, published under the doctrine of Freedom is Slavery. The Freedoms gifted to man by his superiors make man wish to doubt the great wisdom of his superiors and lead his fellow men to false revolutions. Man must know that the Emperor is always working for the betterment of his people, and he shall never work against them. The Emperor makes the ultimate sacrifice for his people, bringing to them the courage with which he leads them into the future, with what is best for the Order and the Nation as a whole. Man abuses his freedom to make his world worse, and thus he does not deserve it.

By the supreme might and wisdom of the Emperor, all laws are hereby abolished. Never shall anything be illegal, as by the properties of Nordic Socialism. The people's will to do as they please shall reign supreme. However the Emperor reserves the right to punish as he sees fit, as do his Ministers and all those with the power vested in them by the Emperor.

By the supreme might and wisdom of the Emperor, the government is hereby abolished, to be replaced by the Official Approved Government of Nordic Socialism. Supreme shall be the sovereign, the Emperor, currently Alexander I. Below him are his four ministers, the Minister of Truth, concerned with all Foreign Affairs, as well as Education, News, Entertainment, and the Fine Arts; the Minister of Peace, concerned with all military affairs; the Ministry of Love, concerned with all affairs of Law and Order; and the Ministry of Plenty, concerned with Economic affairs. Below them are the departments, which are set up and maintained by Directors, overseen by the Ministers, and approved by the Emperor. All Departments are set up and coordinated by Ministers, but must first be approved by the Emperor.

Another important aspect of Nordic Socialism is the Thought Police, Thinkpol. These people are concerned with the maintenance of the Official Policy of the Order of Nordic Socialism. The Order of Nordic Socialism is the current governing body in Wästerdyskreich. Thinkpol monitors the thoughts of all people within the Union, and thereby creates peace and stability by ensuring that no one breaks the vows laid down by the Doctrine of Truth, nor goes against the Policy of the Order of Nordic Socialism, also called Ordnordsocpoc. Ordnordsocpoc is the official governing policy, and shall be until the world is destroyed. These people are authorised, by the Emperor, to carry out His will by putting down punishments that they believe are fitting for the deed done by the perpetrator. Minimum sentences, as laid down by the Emperor, are 25 years in an Imperial Prison.

The Imperial Order is comprised of two major halves, the Inner Party and the Outer Party. The Inner Party is the main governing force and is responsible for maintaining the principles of Nordsoc, as well as running the nation as a whole. The Outer Party is a much larger portion of the population and is responsible for most of the grunt work of the Order. They do as they are told by the members of the Inner Party, and are the middle class of the Union. They are above the Proles, the people, but below the Inner Party and the Emperor. The Imperial Order makes up ~15% of the population, and the Proletariat makes up the remaining ~85%. The Imperial Order is not permitted to associate with the dealings of the Proletariat, such as the Free Market.

Additionally, under the principles of Nordic Socialism, all religions are hereby disestablished, as they are the opiate of the masses. There shall be replaced one religion, the Imperial Religion, worship of the Order.

The Department of Propaganda has released the following images to the Proletariat, depicting the Emperor, their sovereign lord.




Operation Fortress

*The following knowledge was not directly released to the public, but is not considered classified once it is constructed. All plans are considered classified.*

This is considered the beginning of Operation Fortress, the fortification of Wästerdyskreich from all possible invasion. The massive increase in military funding during the last war, and then the sudden surrender of Slavorussia has created a vacuum of funding for the military, which will now be filled by Operation Fortress. The beginnings of Operation Fortress can be seen during the last war with its predecessor, which was designed to accomplish the same goal, Operation Morgul, which constructed a total of over 9,000 bunkers and pillboxes on the Northern and Southern Coasts, and laid tens of thousands of thermite mines along the coasts as well as in the sea. Operation Fortress is designed to improve these fortifications further. Using the same fortifications that Greater Germany uses for its defense, as well as the same plans, modified slightly to fit the WNSR. The shores have been mined with thermite, and Anti-Air defence systems and other major networks such as artillery encampments have been placed at strategic locations throughout.

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OOC: Is it 4/20 there already, Merger? Or is it 4/20, 1984 for you?



IC: "Not only the "wasterwhatever" nation has shown to truly have no regards to their own people's welfare, and their leader proven to be an egomaniac that somehow got hold of some kind of power... uh, well, we'll just watch the state become a juggernaut of inefficiency and corruption then cheer as its inevitable collapse comes around."

-Junior Diplomat of the Foreign Ministry

Edited by V The King
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As much as it frightens me to say this, I agree with Uberstein....

-President of Molakia Alexei Romanov

The People of Molakia expect this regime to be another short lived pig state. These Gross Human Rights violations will only be allowed to continue for so long.

-Tsar Nikolai Romanov

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Enjoy your minitruth and truthiness until you run out of it, former Union.

The Republic Of Mariehamm's Parliament has been polled, and 99% of the Parliament agrees that this is Regime change is a violation of Human Rights and a shame to Europe.

A shame to Europe? More like the entirety of Earth.

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Meanwhile, in Great Lakes State President House, a loud facepalming can be heard...


This is an epic failure. Anarchy with a government that refuses to give human rights is shameful. Have you not learned the world's history? Good luck learning your lesson through the hard way sooner or later.

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The Republic Of Mariehamm's Parliament has been polled, and 99% of the Parliament agrees that this is Regime change is a violation of Human Rights and a shame to Europe.

Just to Europe? No, as Canada states, this so-called 'system' is a mockery of the entire world. Even now, some of our private citizens are actually creating betting pools with the sole subbject being how long it will take for this...er, regime, to implode.

OOC: People, if I read him right...he actually intends for his nation to collapse some time in the future.

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