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Join an Alliance rebuilding from the ground up!


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Have you ever thought to yourself "Gee, I sure would like to try my hand at an alliance where I get a voice" ?

Well, sir, you are not crazy. Furthermore, you are very handsome and I am envious of your ability to attract the gender of your choice.

But enough pleasantries. The Federation is now recruiting new members in a bid to rebuild! We have been to the brink of oblivion and back, and are looking for a few solid rocks to build a great mountain with.

What makes us unique, you ask? Well, how many alliances can truly say that they have a voice, an effect on the operations of the alliance in a very real, direct and immediate way, where all members are guaranteed the right to vote? Or perhaps you would enjoy The Federation's small-town, cozy atmosphere with a great bunch of unique, if somewhat strange people who will extend a hand to aid you, and raise a hand to defend you?

Have I got you interested yet? Good, because I'm running out of ideas for stuff to type. Point your web browsers to http://z11.invisionfree.com/TheFed/index.php?act=idx and see for yourself exactly makes The Fed the alliance for you!

We now return you to Hamsters on Ice 3, the Quickening.

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