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Boy, It's Like a Circus Around Here

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TPF has known dwthegreat for a long time, and dw has always been a great friend to us, so it gives me great pleasure to announce the following:

Ringling Brothers Accords


Article I: Non-Aggression and Friendship

The signatories agree to abstain from aggressive military action and all forms of espionage against each other, and will maintain courteous relations in all venues. As such, any differences will be dealt with in private.

Article II: Sovereignty

The signatories recognize and respect the sovereignty of the other and agree not to interfere with the internal affairs or political independence of the other signatory.

Article III: Aid

The signatories are encouraged, though not required, to provide diplomatic and economic aid to each other as requested.

Article IV: Defense

If another party takes aggressive action against one of the signatories, the other may provide moral, diplomatic, and military support as requested, but is not obligated to do so.

Article V: Cancellation

If either signatory finds that this agreement is no longer in their best interest, they may cancel the agreement with seventy-two (72) hours written notice, or immediately by mutual consent.

Signed for The Phoenix Federation,

mhawk, Hard Six Roller

Beernuts, Phoenix Magistrate

Desperado`, Phoenix Magistrate

E_C, Phoenix Magistrate

Wingwhiper Jr, Phoenix Magistrate

Great Lakes Union, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Singed for the Big Top Order,

dwthegreat, Ringmaster

Ballooga, Balancer

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Top Posters In This Topic

Anything optional isn't worth signing. If it's got an O anywhere? mdOap, Odp, etc? useless.

Congrats on wasting your time, though. I guess.

Really, MDoAPs are useless? There's no need to troll here.

EDIT: Congratulations on the treaty.

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The optional part is, which is what I was trying to say. My bad for not being clearer, sorry about that.

The optional part makes it so you dont get dragged into a war you dont want to be involved in, the best example off the top of my head would be the Viridicide.

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