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[19.Apr.2009 02:52:46 PM] <Krunk_the_Great[LoSS|MoIA]> krunkthegreat,

Megabyte has sent you a new personal message titled "Warn".

You can read this personal message by following the link below:


[19.Apr.2009 02:52:47 PM] Regards,

The Cyber Nations Forums team.


[19.Apr.2009 02:52:54 PM] Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.

The error returned was:

That message does not exist

[19.Apr.2009 02:52:57 PM] wtf?

[19.Apr.2009 02:53:07 PM] that's happened once before too

[19.Apr.2009 02:53:45 PM] <Co_God_Ben[LoSS]> do you have any warns/

[19.Apr.2009 02:53:47 PM] ?

[19.Apr.2009 02:54:37 PM] <Krunk_the_Great[LoSS|MoIA]> no

[19.Apr.2009 02:54:43 PM] and no messages

[19.Apr.2009 02:54:47 PM] <Co_God_Ben[LoSS]> lol

[19.Apr.2009 02:55:01 PM] that's funneh

[19.Apr.2009 02:55:21 PM] <Krunk_the_Great[LoSS|MoIA]> it said 2 messages

[19.Apr.2009 02:55:22 PM] <Co_God_Ben[LoSS]> tbh, I'll be surprised if you or amossio don't get a warn

[19.Apr.2009 02:55:25 PM] <Krunk_the_Great[LoSS|MoIA]> then I clicked it and it said 1

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