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An announcement from the Jersey Republic and the Republic of New England

James Wilson

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Today, the Jersey Republic and the Republic of New England, come together to show their friendship in this economic treaty.

Article I. Sovereignty

Both nations recognize the other independence to do as it pleases.

Article II. Tariff reduction

To increase trade between the two nations, both will lower tariffs to almost nothing or nothing at all.

Article III. Economic Aid

Should either nation find themselves in a situation where their economy is suffering from a recession or depression, upon asking the nation is highly encouraged to give aid to the struggling nation to help them regain economic stability

Article IV. Joint harbor and port usage.

The JR and RNE agree to allow either side to use their ports for economic purposes only unless stated other wise. (OOC: aka Port of Newark, Port of New York. This will be removed in the announcement.)

Signed for the Jersey Republic

~James Wilson


~1st Congress of the Republic

Signed for the Republic of New England,

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President


In addition to this new treaty the Republic of New England has agreed to help patrol the shores of the Jersey Republic until a time where we can do so on our own.

o/ the RNE

o/ the JR

Edited by James Wilson
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