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The Othran Doctrine


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Along with our brothers in the CSSR, and our Comrades in Nordheim we present the following Doctrine.

1)All things are relative to the subject, normative concepts are the product of dominance either through coercive force or social acceptance both are a manifestation of strength. Thus wars of liberation are culturally imperialist conceptions which seek to impose a personal morality upon a foreign people. The Imperial Alliance therefore rejects such actions and will not take part in them as it has no desire to see its own worldview spread.

2) Survival is a nation's basic motivation as it is a prerequisite to further policy. Agressive imperialistic policies provoke the action of foreign entities; The Imperial Alliance therefore shall only use war as a means of defense against entities it deems as threats to its own security or those of its allies as a threat to an ally is a prelude to destruction at home.

3) The Imperial Alliance announces a no nuclear first strike policy recognizing that the escalation resulting from their initial use use would only result in harm to ourselves and those we value as friends.

4) The Imperial Alliance announces a freedom of navigation policy in regards to neutral parties during times of peace as we wish to be treated with the same respect.

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