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Sanctioned Alliances

Jason Salovsky

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The only people I can see gaining sanction from a massive war are TDO and GPA. Everyone else that's near sanction range and has all the requirements would probably be involved in the war themselves, and so they'd be dropping like everyone else.

Sanctioned alliances with high member counts near the bottom (Ragnarok, VE, TOOL) will probably be the ones to lose sanction, since they can be hit with more nukes than say, FOK or TPF.

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Interesting topic, as the "Next Great War" has not even started, no one knows whom is on which sides, no one knows which Alliances will manage to stay neutral, or even what the CB will be.

Gavrilo Princip did have to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria to get World War I rolling.


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Seriously, TDO and GPA will both get sanctioned.

I agree with this man.

The alliances with the most to gain from such a war are ironically the very ones who aren't going to take part in it, or, per their Neutrality, even try to nudge the alliances potentially involved along the path to war.

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