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IDIOT Announcement and Round 5 Recruitment Call


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This is to announce to official reformation of the International Destructive Initiative of Tyranny (IDIOT)

Until AirMe returns there will be no leader. No IDIOT member has power over another. All expulsions from IDIOT will be made by general membership vote. All IDIOT members are to be given Ops in #IDIOT on coldfront.

Open enrollment starts April 27th.

Raiding is encouraged and are to be conducted in groups of 3 and they are ground attack only.

If the target changes his AA to IDIOT the attacks will cease immediately.

If a target fights back with anything other than ground attack, the raiding nations will engage with their full arsenal.

Treaties are considered an enemy of the spirit of TE and any alliances enaging in such behavior shall be subject to raid and or all out wars of aggression.

We will recognize the soverignty of Alliances not engaging in treaties and they will not be subject to forced recruitment by IDIOT nations.

Recruiters are needed. PM me in game if you are interested.



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