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Azeri nationalism revitalized

Agostinho Neto

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In the light of of the war in Slavorussia and the "Azerbaijan Liberation Front," Azeris have been striving for the opportunities to show that they are patriotic and nationalist. Azeri patriotism has seen a sort of revival over the few weeks. People have been buying and flying Azeri flags and putting magnets on their cars that show that they support their country. There has been an increase in Azerbaijan patriotism everywhere that you go. Radio stations have even begun replaying the national anthem, and other songs that show they too are patriotic.

All of the Azeri patriotism that has been seen over the past few weeks has also caused turmoil throughout the country. There are those who do not believe that the government should celebrate the Republic Day with Byzantine flags and that the Union of Transcaucasian Republics has lost sight of its purpose. Amongst the Azeri patriotism revival has also been a political revival. Azeri patriotism now no longer means that you support your country but that you also support the President for Life. This has caused turmoil in many communities as the democrats accept the fact that they may never see another election again.

Despite the turmoil, Azeris continue to show their patriotism and fly their flags. In fact, they continue to buy more symbols that they are patriotic. From signs in their yards to flag magnets on their cars, Azeris are showing that they support their country. People want to be seen as Azeriz despite their religious and ethnic backgrounds. To be Azeri has become more of a belief and idea. It is a feeling that people have and they feel they must show their Azeri patriotism to prove that they are Azeris as well.

There are certain guideposts that the country was founded on. These guideposts are essential if you are to understand what being Azeri is really about. These guideposts are the Declaration of Independence and the Union of Transcaucasian Republics. Believing in these documents and following their guidelines are the essentials to real Azeri patriotism. These documents are the reason that Azeris still live on that land. These documents are the real flags and magnets of Azeri patriotism. Real Azeri patriotism is not only loving one's country, but understanding and knowing how the country came to be.


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