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An Anouncement The Arctic Order

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We are declareing our neutrality in the upcoming war and even though MHA is our protectors we will not be fighting in any up coming war with them or anyone else for that matter.


Britishdude, Overlord

Concussion, Overlord

The309, Minister of Defense

Thank you and have a nice day :]

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Just shut up, please

I have never heard of you and I dont think anyone cares

You, sir, have just won the argument.

Edit: Since you said who you were, who are you to be passing judgement in such a harsh manner?

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Bunny Rabbit

but seriously first DoN before the war happened are idiotic,

secondly a micro alliance making DoN.... what next to we need

But you see, if you don't care, why did you even read the thread and bother posting? If you think the announcement is irrelevant to you, than don't read it.

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I'm going to laugh my behind off if/when no war erupts.

All these neutrality declarations before there's anything going on to declare yourself neutral in are kind of funny.

Ah, well. Best of luck!

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