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List of CNRP Nation Names v 2.0

Il Terra Di Agea

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I'd like to ask that everyone reaffirm their nation names to this new database to make sure everything is correct

Please post in the following format:

[url=(URL of Factbook if applicable)]CNRP Nation Name[/url]/ [url=(IG nation URL)]IG Nation Name[/url]/ Forum Name

CNRP Nations:

ADI/ Il Terra Di Agea/ Il Terra Di Agea

Alvonia/USB (United States of Backyard)/N. Reeki

Andonain Remnant/ Andonia/ freakwars

Annihilation/Annihilation/Madame Unicorn

Arctica/ Arctica/Vedran

Atlantian Federation/Altea/Arkantos

Beijing Corp/ Articuno Islands/ Sir Keshav IV

Cainette/ Cainian Empire/Marquis Chris 1


Federal Republic of Grøenlandia/ TysLand/ Californian

Glorious Aotearoa/ Imperial Wellington/ LeVentNoir

Gadget Technology Industries / Adeptus Inventus / JerreyRough

Greater German Reich/ Malatose/ Malatose

Great Lakes State/Heska/HHAYD

The Holy Imperium of Mankind/ Republic of Daorim/ Shadowsage

Kingdom of Cochin/ Cochin/ king of cochin

Kingdom of Viniland / Viniland / V The King

Marscurian Pakistan/ Marscurian Empire/ KaiserMelech Mikhail I

Neo Japan/Neo Japan/Lord Frost

New Inca Empire/ New Inca Empire/ New Inca Empire

The People's Republic of Xizang/The Villages/Cody Seb

Philippines Freestate/Cataduanes/Cataduanes.

Promised Land/Promised Land/Subtleknifewielder

Republic of New England/The Polish Republic/JEDCJT

Transvaal/ Transvaal/ Botha

United Republic of Ardoria/ Ardoria/ Raritan

Uralic Bashkortostan/Uralica/Uralica

Vaule/ Vaule/ ImperatorAzenquor

Wästerdyskreichful Nordic Socialist Republic/ UDCR/Mergerberger II

Edited by Il Terra Di Agea
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